Opportunity for Jet Airways Staff

Wonderful Opportunity for Jet Airways Staff!!
We do understand how difficult it is to go through this situation without salary, unpaid bills, unpaid school fees, no groceries. It is testing time for you which has affected so many lives. India’s second-largest international airline Jet Airways India Ltd has left around 20,000 employees including Pilots, AMEs, Cabin Crews and ground staff jobless. So we have decided to contribute and stretch a helping hand so that we can help you to continue your journey.  
Our Co-Founder Capt. Shekhar Gupta has a special concern for Aviation staff and the industry because he has served the industry as a Professional Pilot for more than 10 years in flying 14 various types of Aircraft in 15 countries.

Our Pilot Project has already started by the name of Alfa Jungle Retreat.  https://www.alfatravelblog.com/2019/11/bandhavgarh-national-park.html  by an Ex 9w Ms Vandika Lamba of Delhi Base. Now looking for more 
Why Only Jet Airways Staffs:  
·      We believe Jet Airways staffs are more professional.
·      They are well-groomed and trained.
·      They are customer-centric.
·      They possess good knowledge of Aviation and Allied Industry.

Best part of these opportunities is:
·      This is purely working from home role which means you can also take up other assignments.
·      You will be your boss and not an employee anymore.
·      As you will be the boss, it will be on a profit-sharing basis.
·      Excellent exposure in Travel and Tourism.
·      You can continue your career in the travel industry.

We have an excellent opportunity for Ex Jet Airways Staff to work with us as:
1)    Travel Partner  
2)    Business Associate
3)    Corporate Travel Consultants
4)  Pilot Instructor [ Ground Classes ]   
Eligibility Criteria:
·          This is exclusively for Ex 9w Team
·          You must be 21 years to 35 years
·          Must be a Graduate, MBA / MTA preferred.
·          Must have Own Laptop/ PC/ 4G Android mobile
·          Who can work from home and dedicate 1-2 hours daily 4-5 days a week
·          Aware of basic computer skills (MS Word, MS Excel, Internet Browser)
·          Excellent oral and written communication skills
·          Good Vocabulary
·          A firm grasp of English language and Computer skills
·          Should be passionate about Aviation, Travel, and Tourism

This is For You If You Think:
·          You are equipped with amazing Travel and Tourism Skills  

·          You are a good Travel and Tourism Writer
·          You are an avid reader
·          You are organized and efficient
·          You have intelligent decision-making skills
·          You are adaptable
·          You can do  multitasks
·          You can work under pressure
·          You get along well with people active on FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn

How to Apply:
Send your Bio in 3rd person form with some Clear Pics
+91 9977513452 
Bio Samples:




Sumana Ganguly





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