Moms Looking For an Extra Income

Moms Looking For an Extra Income 
An Ideal Opportunity for Following 

Junior Associate 

Business Development Executive
Assistant Sales Manager
Technical Content Writer 
HR Generalist
Human Resources Manager
Executive Assistant HR
SEO Executive
Senior Business Developer
Social Media Manager
SMM Manager
Digital Marketing Trainer
Marketing Manager
Digital Marketing Professional
Digital Marketing Executive

Work at Home Packages at Aircrews Aviation Pvt Ltd

Aircrews Aviation Private Limited Renders work on the home package according to their needs, requirements, and availability which is suitable for you!
We have a great opportunity for all those who want to work from home business.

Smart moms to super boss
looking for
100 smart moms to super boss
- RUA smart mom who has
9-6 Jobs Just For Your Lovely Children?
- Are you ex-corporate or currently working?
- If you can think outside the box

** Committed to working online for a minimum of 4-5 hours daily or more.
** Work From Home / Anywhere Online
** Different work for different mothers [by choice and merit]
** Only work of your choice
** Use your free time effectively
** A Beautiful Income [Share with us]
** Android App Based Works [Need to download all our apps]
** iOS app-based works will be added soon
** Eager to learn online android app-based businesses
** Ready to learn a different kind of think out of the box work

Our Team 

1. Grishma Vijay [MBA] Head Of Human Resources, AirCrews Aviation(P) Ltd., Delhi
2. Vandika Lamba : Co-Founder of Alfa Jungle Retreat Ex Jet Airways employee., Delhi
3. Barkhaa Nagee : Co-Founder of Alfa Jungle Retreat Ex Jet Airways employee., Mumbai
4. Shubham Bachane : Head Of Marketing, AirCrews Aviation (P) Ltd., Indore
5. Divya Pai [ BE, MBA ] Manager HR

6. Capt Shekhar Gupta : CEO AirCrews Aviation (P) Ltd., Indore

[Free Trainings-Fixed Income]
Package I
No. of Working Hrs.                 3 to 5hrs a Day             
No. of Working Days:              5 Days weekly
You Can Earn:                          3000 Rs to 4000 Rs Monthly
No. of Apps to Download        20 Apps
No. of Gmail Ids:                      2 Ids
No. Of Facebook Ids:              2 Ids
No. of Instagram Ids:               2 Ids
Training Period:                        45Days ( Free Training )

Package II
Minimum Education Required :
Graduate In any stream, and with Good Communication Skills !
No. of Working Hrs.                  5 to 6hrs a Day             
No. of Working Days:                6 Days weekly
You Can Earn:                            5000Rs to 6000Rs Monthly
No. of Apps to Download          25Apps
No. of Gmail Ids:                          4 Ids
No. Of Facebook Ids:                  4 Ids
No. of Instagram Ids:                   4 Ids
Training Period:                            60 Days ( Free Training )

Package III
Minimum Education Required :
PG In any stream, and with Good Communication Skills !
No. of Working Hrs.                    7 to 6 hrs a Day             
No. of Working Days:                 7 Days weekly
You Can Earn:                             6,000Rs to 10,00Rs Monthly
No. of Apps to Download           30Apps
No. of Gmail Ids:                          8 Ids
No. Of Facebook Ids:                  7 Ids
No. of Instagram Ids:                   7 Ids
Training Period:                            75Days (Free Training)

·      Paid Trainings with Invetments
Minimum Education Required :
PG In any streamand  with good Communication Skills !

Package IV
No. of Working Hrs.                  4 to 6hrs a Day             
No. of Working Days:               5 to 6 Days weekly
No. of Apps to Download         8 to 10Apps
No. of Gmail Ids:                      2 Ids
No. Of Facebook Ids:              2 Ids
No. of Instagram Ids:               2 Ids
Training Period:                        2 Weeks
Training Fees:                          4500Rs.
Investment :                              10,000Rs. ( Includes Training Fees )
Return On Investment                4,000 Rs to 6,000Rs Monthly
Provided App Support                1 App (Your Own App)

Paid Trainings with Invetments

Package V
No. of Working Hrs.                    6 to 8hrs a Day             
No. of Working Days:                 7 Days weekly
No. of Apps to Download           6 to 8Apps
No. of Gmail Ids:                         2 Ids
No. Of Facebook Ids:                 2 Ids
No. of Instagram Ids:                  2 Ids
Training Period:                           8 to 10 Days
Training Fees:                             12,500Rs.
Investment :                                 50,000Rs.(Includes training)
Return On Investment                 20,000 Rs to 30,000 Rs Monthly
Provided App Support                   5 Apps (Your Own App)

Paid Trainings with Invetments

Package VI
No. of Working Hrs.                     8 to 10hrs a Day   [ 4 to 5 Hrs on Week ends ]            
No. of Working Days:                  7 Days weekly
No. of Apps to Download            4 to 5Apps
No. of Gmail Ids:                            2 Ids
No. Of Facebook Ids:                    2 Ids
No. of Instagram Ids:                     2 Ids
Training Period:                              7 Days Training
Training Fees:                                 25,000Rs.
Investment :                                    1 Lacs(Includes Training)
Return On Investment                    50,000 Rs - 1 Lacs Per Month
Provided App Support                   10 Apps (Your Own App)

Type of work with us

1. Work from home as the best career counselor in your city is looking for smart and tech savvy graduate women who want to share their knowledge as Best Career Counselors by counseling various students to choose their careers so that they can become great doctors. , Great engineers, great pilots. , And other great professionals.

You will be known as the "Best Career Counselor" in your city!


- Mob no .: +91 9977513452

For more information see-

2. Start Your Own Digital Marketing Training Institute

Start your own digital marketing training institute as a franchise partner in your own city. Digital Marketing Franchise Opportunities Aircrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd. Partner with us in Digital Marketing Training Institute. We educate our students practically which is the best way to learn digital marketing
Aircrews Aviation gives the perfect opportunity to start your successful business. Partner with us to set up your education institution and use our specialist.
We care about our brand name. So we will not tell you how you will do it, but will work very closely with you as long as we are on the right track. It is low-cost and easy to steer you to succeed. Achieve high profit success at low investment with low risk.
For more information, visit -

Contact :-
+91 9977513452
+91 9826008899

3. Working from home as a social media manager

The Social Media Manager is responsible for content creation, distribution, and promotion for both clients and internal social media accounts.
This role actively assists with blogging, social bookmarking, commenting and posting, and community development.
If you are a creative mind, who is constantly online and keeping up with the latest social trends, then you may be perfect!

# Females between 21 years to 35 years old
# Active on all social media
#Personal PC / Laptop / 4G Android
#Daily 1-2 hours part time work from home

Divya Pai [Gen Manager HR]
+91 8123309711
+91 9977513452

For more information, visit:

4. Work from home as BDM Sales Manager [F] for

POST: Business Development Manager (Sales Manager)

Company: Aerosoft Corp

Category: Aviation SEO / KPO / App Dev.

Laptop and Smartphone Essentials…

* Preferred Experience *: At least 6 months of sales experience
(* PhonePay, GooglePay, any other B2B marketing experience)

* Work Location *: Indore MP

Salary: Basic + Allowance + Incentive

If an interested person calls H.R. for an interview date

Contact: 9977513452

For more information, visit:

5. Working from home as General Manager

Join us as a work from home
General Manager [Operation]
# Delhi
# Bhopal
# Jaipur
# Indore
# Mumbai
# Bangalore

if you :
# Fully believe that work from home is better than work from office.
# If you can think outside the box
# Understanding Niche
# Be ready to work from home
# Ready to work for aviation start-up
Appoint 4 managers under #GM and get the job done.

Call / WhatsApp
+91 9977513452

To Email:

For more information, visit:

6. Online Women Marketing Manager
Work from home with Alpha Jungle Retreat
For Travel Partner / Business Associate / Group Travel Consultant

It is exclusively for Alpha team
You must be a woman aged 21 to 35 years
Graduate / MBA / MTA should be preferred
Must be laptop / PC / 4G Android mobile
Who can work from home and devote 1-2 hours daily 4-5 days a week

Alpha Jungle Retreat and Alpha Tours & Travels 2 are blog based travel start-ups, Vandika and Barkha to Jet Airways India Ltd. Has new children, who are employees of bases in Delhi and Mumbai. These 2 start-ups are promoted and funded by Indore-based Aviation Start-up Aircrews Aviation Private Limited.

+91 9717154818

For more information, visit:

7. Work from Home Business at

1. No big investment, no risk
2. No Boss, No Loss.
👉🏻3. No goals, no stress.
👉🏻4. Occurs from home, part time or flower time.
5. Help and support is available.

All our work from home business offers:
1. Additional Income
2. Financial Independence
3. Time Freedom
4. Personal Development
5. Foreign trips
6. Security
7 Possibility to convert your expenses into income / financial freedom
This business is a work from home job at

eligibility criteria:
1) as co-founder
You must be a woman of 21 to 35 years of age.
Medically fit to work on computer
Can think out of box
Understand apps and blog niche.

+91 9977513452

For more information, go to

8. Work from home as a content writer

For a travel blog

how to apply :
If you are interested in travel bloggers for our posting and blogs for us, and blog posting for us, and we have not disappointed you, please provide us with the following details
1] Name:
2] Email ID:
3] whatsapp number:
Small sample blog on any topic of our blog:
[Minimum of about 300 words]

You have to cover # 4 points
# How to reach
#where to stay
#What to see
# What and where to eat

4] Your bio in 3PS form with pics and social media links

Phone: + 91-997-7513452

For more information, see

9. Work as a travel partner for X Jet Airways staff to work from home

Amazing opportunity for former Jet Airways staff !!

Why only Jet Airways employees:
We believe that Jet Airways employees are more professional.

They are well prepared and trained.
They are customer-centric.
He has good knowledge of aviation industry.

The best part of these occasions is:
It is working purely from a domestic role which means you can do other work as well.
You will be your own boss and not an employee.
As you will be the owner, it will be on a profit-sharing basis.
Can work on your choice
Outstanding performance in travel and tourism.
· You can continue your career in the travel industry.

We have an excellent opportunity for X Jet Airways staff to work with us:
1) Pilot Officer (Non-Flight) cum Pilot Training Instructor (Ground Subject)
2) Travel partner
3) Business Associate
4) Corporate Travel Consultants

+91 9977513452
For more information, visit-

Get Applaud 
For Your Work

Why A Book On You
A Book Give you Credibility
A Book  is an Experience Of life
A Book Give you Social Credibility
A Book Raises Your Visibility
A Book Attract Readers Towards your Work

Who We Are
I am Grishma Vijay, Author of
Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs of India,
Selling on Amazon.
Now My Team is ready for Next Book
Most  Powerful Savvy Women
If You wanna part of this Venture,
Please send us Your Small Intro
in 100 - 200 Words with Social Media Links.
We will soon contact you with more details.

+91 9891845664   
WhatsApp Group

A Book is a 
New Business Card

Grishma Vijay [MBA]
Editor / Publisher
Air Crews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.
+91 9891845664

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"Self Praise is No Praise"

Name :
Education :
EMail Id :
WhatsApp No :
Social Media Links [ 
If You are Active ]
Facebook :
Twitter      :
Linkedin   :
Instagram :
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Any Other : 

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