Format of Summer Internship Letter

We are pleased to inform your acceptance of an Internship position as HR Intern at AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd. Your first day of joining will be 1St April 2020. In addition, to manage our Human Resources and Business Operations, you will be work as HR Manager for AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd. for 30 days. You will be responsible for CSR and Internationational Collaborations with Aviation Organisations.  Your Online Reporting Timing will be 1000 Hrs to 1800 Hrs from Monday to Friday and 1130 Hrs to 1430non Saturday.  You need to be Online during this period on all your Messengers and emails.

As an intern, you are not an employee of the company. You will  be  paid  Stipend INR 1,000 at the end of this internship program. During the internship, you will have access to the company’s clients and confidential information. You will not share this information with anyone outside the company and not use it for your benefits. On the completion of the internship program, you will return the equipment, property, and all the documents of the company.  We shall Issue Your Internship Completion Certificate within 10 days of Your Final Internship period.

At the End of the Internship period you need to submit complete Final Internship Report on a Daily / Weekly / Monthly Format.

Last date for submission of Final Internship Report is 10 June 2020 and  date for Stipend release on 15 June 2020.  

Congratulations on the Internship with us !

Best Wishes,

Capt. Shekhar Gupta
AirCrews Aviation P Ltd

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