PPT Competition

I am not in competition with anybody but myself.

My goal is to beat my last performance.

No Competition no Progress so here is a productive competition for you. Why to simply sit at home and do nothing when you can make full utilization of your knowledge and make the other students learn?? 
Yes, it was read correctly HOME, it is a work from home competition. It is rightly said “Knowledge is actually meant to be shared, we keeps on growing by sharing and gaining knowledge continuously, and it not only help the other person to improve but polishes our skill as well”. Sharing what you know helps you learn by doing research, synthesizing multiple view points and crystallizing ideas and thus increasing your knowledge.

Great thought though but what exactly is expected?

Interested candidates have to make a presentation/mobile video on the topic listed below and have to send it to us. Example- student from grade 8 can make a presentation for grade 7 student. Isn’t it easy?

So who all are eligible for this competition?

Students of age 14-18 years of education: 

Class 7 to Class 12. 

In the time of crisis, we want you to make full utilisation of your knowledge and time; also it is one of the ways to engage kids living at home.

What are the perks out of it?

·         Knowledge sharing thus increase in knowledge
·         Best three presentations will get a reward.
List of the topics (open this link and choose any one):

See Syllabus 

See Sample 

How to Apply :

If you’re interested in  
Students As Online  Teachers   Work for us,  please provide us the following details

1] Name :
2] eMail Id :
3] WhatsApp No :
Small Sample PPT on  Following  Topic :

In case of any clarification


Yashi Julka [MBA] 

Sr HR Manager

+91 7017743358


I am not in competition with anybody but myself. 

My goal is to beat my last performance.

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