Fresh Content Writers for Our Blogs

Need Fresh Female Content Writers [Bloggers] for Our  Blogs

Who We Are :  is a Small Team of Professional Bloggers and writers.  We are NOT trying to be Writing experts. We’ve even won Awards and Rewards, so we know the difference between good Writing, bad  Writing, and mediocre Writing. We are trying to be very different and Unique. We call it Think Out of the Box. As of now, has approx 700 Blogs and 30 Apps are ready and Online. All are very Different in Look and Feel.

Alfa Jungle Retreat And  Alfa Tours And Travels are 2  Blog Based Travel Start-Ups are the new baby of Vandika and Barkha Two Jet Airways India ltd Staffers from Delhi and Mumbai bases.  These 2 Start-Ups are Promoted and funded by an Indore based Aviation Start-Up AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd. Your piece needs to be Unique. The thing that killed a new Blog Posting for most people?  The same Articles and Infographics being submitted to dozens of places over and over again. We don’t want variations of old articles, and we definitely don’t want reprints.  See here

How to Apply :
If you’re interested in Our  Blogs Posting Work for us, and we  haven’t Frightened you off, Please provide us following details

1] Name :
2] eMail Id :
3] WhatsApp No :
Small Sample Blog on our  Following Blog Topic :

[Approx minimum of 300 words]

Work from Home 
is better than work from the office
Blog Based Work 
is better than Website-based work

Think out of the Box 

Topics for Writers 

#Think Big Dream Bigger
#A Leader with Big Dreams
#Habits of  Big Dreamers
#Dream Big Work Smart
#Believe You Can Succeed and You Will
#Cure Yourself of Excusitis, the Failure Disease
#Build Confidence and Destroy Fear
#How to Dream Big
#How to Dream and Dream Creatively
#You Are What You Dream You Are
#Manage Your Environment: Go First Class
#Make Your Attitudes Your Allies
#Dream Right Toward People
#Get the Action Habit
#How to Turn Defeat into Victory
#Use Goals to Help You Grow
#How to Dream like a Leader
#Think Out Of The Box
#Water Melon Story

4] Your Bio in 3rd Person Form with Pics and Social Media Links
5] Name of Blogs :          [See our Blogs from Blog List]

-Timing 1100 Hrs to 1300 Hrs Mon - Fri only
     [Please Call / WhatsApp during this time only] 

Name :
Education :
EMail Id :
WhatsApp No :
Social Media Links [ 
If You are Active ]
Facebook :
Twitter      :
Linkedin   :
Instagram :
Quora      :
Any Other :

Pay Out

Rs 80 Per Write-Up up to 5 Write-Up
Rs 100 from 6 - 10
Rs 120 from 11 - 15 Write-Up
Rs 150 from 16 - 20 Write-Up
Rs 200 After 21 Write-Up onwards

After every 5 Stories Bonus of Rs 100

Please Note We do not work on PPW. Kindly do not ask for  

Payments :  

Only Mode is GooglePay
You may Join  Google Pay, a payments app by Google. Enter our Code ( 59wc92 )
and then make a payment. We'll each get ₹51!
Click here
Enter   Code    59wc92

Please Note : 

Only Mode is GooglePay, So Writers who do not have access to any GooglePay account Kindly do not Apply.  You may Open a new  GooglePay account using our Code

Please do not send any Attachments, Only Copy and Paste in Mail body. 

Contact Us :

Web   :
Email :

Basic Rules for All Content Writers 

-Become an Influencer In Your Niche Be Unique.
-InCease Your Search Engine Traffic
-High Quality Targeted Traffic
-Enhance Your Brand Awareness
-InCease Your Business ROI
-Generate More Leads

-Timing 1100 Hrs to 1300 Hrs Mon - Fri only

     [Please Call / WhatsApp during this time only] 

Sample Blog

Sample Bio

Think Out of the Box

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#Professor of #Happiness
#Laughter #Coaching : 
#Innovating #happiness
#Dream #Big #meaning
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Dream Big work hard
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work hard quotes
let your Dreams be your wings meaning
Dream Big essay
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every woman's Dream quotes
Dream Big quotes for daughter
Big Dream status 
Think Big Dream Bigger
Bigger goals quotes
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