Airline Pilot Training

Airline Pilot Training comprises of two parts. Ground Training and Flying Training.

Ground Training 
Covers the theory subjects of Air Regulations, Aviation Meteorology, Air Navigation, Aircraft Technical Subjects and RTR(A)

Flying Training:
The Candidate has to complete 200 Hours (Two hundred hours) of flight time for obtaining the Commercial Pilot’s License.
A Commercial Pilot is a person who holds a Commercial Pilot certificate that is issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This is earned through completing all necessary training to be given a Commercial pilot certificate by the FAA.
A Pilot’s license or pilot certificate, in simple terms, allows a person to be able to fly an aircraft just as a driver’s license allows you to drive a vehicle under specific rules and limitations depending on the category. The FAA is the governing institution that establishes and enforces all aviation rules and regulations for all pilots and other aviation careers and industries.
There are several main classifications for FAA pilot licenses, certificates, and ratings. The most common are Private Pilot (PPL), Instrument Rating (IR), Commercial Pilot (CPL), Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL), Multi-Engine Rating (ME), Civil Helicopter Pilot Licence (CHPL),Student Pilot license(SPL).

1.PPL-The PPL training course is offered to the person who wants to become a Licensed Pilot in preparation for an advanced training program for business transportation or wants to experience the unlimited freedom and the romance of flying. This course offers flight training right from abinitio level to Private Pilot’s License. The 3 to 4 months of course, gives you 40 hours of flying time. On Completion of this program, a person becomes Pilot to fly an aircraft carrying passengers or cargo but not for hire, reward or remuneration.
2.IR- Instrument Rating is an additional qualification that a pilot must have in order to pilot an aircraft under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). Having this qualification enables a pilot to legally and safely operate a properly equipped aircraft solely by reference to flight instruments.
3.CPL-This course offers 200 hours of flying training this 8-10 months course offers dual/ solo, general flying, circuit & landing sorties. Instruments and cross country flights, skill tests, route checks and night flying rating as per DGCA requirement.
A Commercial Pilot License holder can act as a Pilot in Command of any aircraft entered on his/her license. This license issued is valid internationally. He / She can be employed as pilot in Government and civil airlines or in private / corporate companies / flying clubs and has a wide variety of career opportunities.
4.ATPL- Highest level of aircraft pilot certificate. ATPL (or ATP) allows a person to operate as Pilot-in-Command (Captain) of an aircraft that is engaged in commercial air transportation.
5.ME- A Multi-Engine rating is just that: a certificate that allows pilots to operate an aircraft with more than one engine. It is an add-on to an already existing commercial, private, or ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) license or certificate. 
Multi engine ratings are exciting because they allow pilots to have a different experience in the air: aircraft performance is highly improved, as well as an increase in speed, power, and climbing rate.
6.CHPL- To get a Commercial Helicopter Pilot License, one needs 60 hours of flight training as well as has to appear for a written exam. The commercial helicopter pilot license opens up totally new horizons and allows you to perform helicopter flights for remuneration or hire. This license affirms that its owner is proficient in helicopter operation, knows the law, and can ensure the safety of his passengers in the vast majority of situations.
7.SPL-SPL stands for Student Pilot License. SPL is a prerequisite for flying is obtaining Private Pilot’s License and Commercial Pilot License. No flight experience is required to obtain SPL. The candidate must be at least 16 years old at the time of issue of his/her student Pilot’s License with a minimum qualification of 10th standard.


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