Suggest any three ways to improve success rate of work from home internship

Debasmita Das
1.      Suggest any three ways to improve success rate of work from home internship.
A virtual internship is a work experience program where the participant (intern) gains experience while working in a remote professional setting and is not physically present at the job location.
Virtual interns communicate with their employer online through various means including email, SkypeWhatsApp, instant messaging, phone conversations, webinars, project management tools, SMS (text) messaging, etc.

When it comes to improving the success rate of remote internships, it majorly depends on the relationship shared by the employer and the intern, at both professional and personal level.  A good dynamic actually, helps establish transparent and effective communication, self-motivated interns, and the sense of responsibility that aids in the completion of tasks and meeting deadlines effectively.
Organisation culture and its effectiveness also plays a very important role. With Gen Z seekers, highly comprising of the intern pool, it becomes necessary to keep the requirement of the environment in mind.  Once hired, setting interns up for success by embedding them into the company culture, inviting them to all-team meetings, social events and employee resource groups, and making sure they have regular one-on-ones with their hiring manager to understand their own career growth.
Giving interns a regular opportunity to ask questions, talking about their performance, understanding how they can improve, and offer feedback. While a one-on-one with their manager is a good place to start, schedule periodic human resources check-ins as well. These meetings are a chance for interns to further develop their career, provide insight on how your internship program can improve, and ensure they’re getting the work experience they need.
2.      What are the benefits of working in such culture?
The work from home culture, allows flexibility in the work environment. The work places, do not become “presence prisons”, rather they are more into understanding the cost-benefit analysis. The contribution is equated and thus there’s a sense of responsibility and ownership.
It allows the interns to get things done, without the obligation of being present, which can save both time and resources of the organisation. The human capital is utilised productively. Unnecessary norms and altercations are avoided. It provides a constructive pressure as the interns are understood to be responsible.
It definitely allows a predicament for opening new sources of ideas, and enhanced procedures for optimum utilisation, as there are no restraints.
Debasmita Das   [MBA HR]
Manager HR
AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd 

Sanchita Bhardwaj

 1. Work from is sometimes a complex task because it can involve certain distractions. In order to increase the success rate of work from home internships, following steps should be considered according to me:-
(i) The work from home employees/interns, should have complete knowledge regarding the organization and should be really interested in working with that organization, only then they will give 100% to that organization. 
(ii) Sometimes network issues are there, so either giving the task on daily basis(unless required), the company can provide 2 days task together so that the employee/intern can do 2 days work and submit it accordingly. This is necessary so that in any case someone's network is not working properly, atleast they don't get stuck.
(iii) Stipend should be given on weekly basis, to keep the employee/intern interested. 

2. Work from home provide certain ease to the employee/intern. They can have food at any time, they can drink/smoke accordingly. Work from home provide a care free environment too. Also, who will not want to work in pajamas on.
What are the benefits of working in such culture. 

Sanchita Bhardwaj  [MBA HR]
Manager HR
AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd

Pooja Gupta

1. Home internship gives those people relief with work experience who are not able to go out side or their desired work place due to any reason, may be it due to farness of that place or any other personal issue , to work and gain experience. 
2. Home internship saves times that waste to go and come to work place. 
3. Company can hire student also who want to get knowledge during study. 
4. Women willing to work or want to skilled in any specific field can be expert and practice in that skill sitting at home. 
5.Most important when all people are lock down sitting at home idlely at time who want to gain practice knowledge can learn without going outside. 

Suggest any three ways to improve success rate of work from home internship

 As internship being very easy to find any where based in any location, where some problem also corse the inactive result to work from home. But if that situation was considered and try to figure it out then problem will be solve. 
1.  If intern take a single internship at a time from home then it is good for recruiter as well as intern. 
2. If intern work continuously as they work in office or any company, things seems to be done very effectively. 
3. Consider internship as your own work and think it will give me a lot of skill then interest automatically generate to work with passion. 

Utsa Mukherjee

Suggest any three ways to improve success rate of work from home internship.

1.Providing interns with real work  to ensure your program’s success. Interns should be doing work related to their major, that is challenging, that is recognised by the organisation as valuable. They should be rewarded accordingly. Rewarding  not always means in cash but appreciation mails, applauding the intern in front of all the team members etc.

2.Video conferencing with all the interns using Zoom maybe twice a week. This will increase the visibility and transparency with the work interns are doing. We can also take daily updates from the interns.

3.We need to think upon why those 80% negative minded people are leaving. Is it because there are trust issues, work related issues or other issues? To assess the mentality of the interns as if they are going to stay/leave the company  we can circulate questionnaire on weekly basis. Also to cheer them up, online games should be introduced in the company portal(maybe something related to the aviation industry only)

What are the benefits of working in such culture?
·      According to one study, remote employees work 1.4 more days per month than their office-based counterparts, resulting in more than three additional weeks of work per year. It increases productivity.
·      29% of remote employees said they struggle with work-life balance, and 31% said they have needed to take a day off for their mental health. So flexible hours ,working from home is the best solution for this.
·      From the company perspective, if interns are working from home there is cost cutting factor involved.
·      There is much learning scope and one can devote more time if anyone is working from home/or having flexible working hours.

Utsa Mukherjee  [MBA HR]
Manager HR
AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd
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Sohini Sengupta

Question 1 
3 ways to improve success rate of work from home internship - a) making work from home internships equally prestigious as the in field ones. This can be achieved by a tough entry to the internship. An online  test or an  online interview to recruit the most deserving candidate from the pool can help the interns to take the process seriously. 
b) peer-to-peer competition .Fellow interns can be appreciated on the basis of their works. They can be ranked weekly. They can be certified with the "best intern of the week/month". This will create an urge in them from within to secure the position.
c) pay the stipend they deserves - most of the companies have a tendency to increase their social popularity or increase their sales through interns and the stipend is also not satisfying . Appropriate payment of an encourages employees to co-operate with the organisation.

Question 2
Benefits of working in such culture
a) cost cutting - we can save cost of building, furniture and other infrastructures.
b) flexible timings- interns can save their travel timing as well  , they can work on their preferred time .
c) Maximum productivity can be observed as interns are working at a secured comfortable position at home . 
d) Interns can  gain hands on experience and some industry exposure alongside their studies . 

Sohini Sengupta MBA (Mktg)
Social Media Manager 
AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd 

Prachi Mathur
Q1 Suggest any three ways to improve success rate of work from home internship. 
Three ways to improve success rate of work from home internship for Boomerang Pvt Limited are as follows: 
1. Aligning roles and responsibilities with interests – A crucial aspect for success of work from home internship is delegating tasks of interests to the interns. This can be achieved by clearly mentioning the responsibilities and expectations in job descriptions. It will result in attracting only interested candidates whose output will improve the efficiency of the company. Also only aligning the past experience with current responsibilities may not result in effective outputs for interns looking for a shift of role. Thus interest mapping becomes important. 
2. Incentivizing and promoting good work – The job descriptions when floated across various 
platforms can mention a range of stipend rather than exact number. This will motivate the interns to earn higher with quality work. However, it should be ensured that good work is genuinely awarded. Appreciation in form of certificates or other forms can also be promoted 
3. Defined deadlines: To ensure timely completion of tasks deadlines should be defined. There should be timelines defined for intermediate review of tasks. 
This will help in having buffer time for improvising the work if required. 

Prachi Mathur  MBA [IIM] 
Social Media Manager
AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd

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