Training Plan for 2020-2022

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Training Plan for 2020-2022

 “ I Have Developed  My Professional Skills, Knowledge, Communications Skills And Most Importantly My Confidence”
Getting work experience in college can help students land a job after graduation. One option for students to gain that experience is cooperative education programs, which include paid full-time jobs that typically last three to 12 months, internships or other service-based experiential learning Program.  An Internship training is a task-specific exchange of service for experience between a student and a business.
Learning Beacon Management school provide internship training plan for their students at national and international level. At the end of the third semester or before the commencement of fourth semester , each student is required to take up a six –eight week internship. This is a compulsory component of the curriculum. The internship training has dual objectives-
1.   It allows a student to apply the concepts learnt in the classroom and done his /her ability to define, diagnose, analyze and solve business problems.
2.    Secondly, It provides a student a glimpse into the existing corporate environment and an appreciation of the interpersonal skills required to excel in the workplace.

Learning Beacon Management School provides management training for enhancing  knowledge and abilities to achieve goals. We are providing internship training in

·        Human Resources Management
·        Marketing Management,
·        Financial Management,
·        Operation Management, etc. with our partner companies like

1.   AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.
2.   Reliance Retail
3.   HDFC Bank
4.   IACC
5.   ELCIA
6.   IFCCI
7.   HIA
8.   BIA
9.   TATA
Internship Training at International Level-
Recognizing the need for advanced global competency, this school provide One Semester Abroad aims at cross cultural exposure and building global perspective amongst students.
Benefits of One Semester Abroad-
1.   Extremely rewarding and career enhancing for students building in them the capability to take professional challenges head on.
2.   Students build a strong network with international student community
3.   Students also get mentored by international professors.

Learning Beacon Management School also provide other training certification course online as well as offline. So, students can grab this opportunities from their home-
o   HR certificate program
o   Digital marketing certificate
o   Business communication certificate
o   Project Management training
o   Web development training
o   Android app development training
o   Creative writing
o   Graphic design
o   Financial Modeling and valuation

“Thinking beyond the exploring new fields as well as looking forward to more creative and inventive.”

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