Ban on Chinese Apps by Indian Government by Prof (Dr.) Sanjay Kumar

Ban on Chinese Apps by Indian Government 
Opens New Vistas for Young Entrepreneurs, Software Developers and Investors
Prof (Dr.) Sanjay Kumar
Vice Chancellor
Symbiosis University of Applied sciences, Indore

The decision of Indian Government to ban 59 Chinese App is one of the boldest steps
taken against our adversary. It is not only historic decision but also it clearly shows that the government in power can go to any extent to protect the integrity, security and sovereignty of the country. India will never allow to compromise the vital data of Indians.  The government must have vetted every small issue that would have futuristic impact before taking such bold step. India is well within its legal framework and banned the Apps by invoking its power under section 69 A of IT Act (Procedure and Safeguards for Blocking of Access of Information by Public). India was compelled to take this step to stop the free flow of cross -border  data of every Indian using Chinese App. This unprecedented decision has sent a very strong signal to China and other countries that the slogan “Self-Reliant Bharat” is not simply a verbal slogan but a firm commitment to make this country fully equipped in terms of developing advance digital technology, developing our own software and hardware for self-sustenance and reducing drastically imports by boosting one of the ambitious projects of the country “Make in India”. Setting up inhouse manufacturing houses, encouraging FDI and providing all sorts of amenities to strengthen Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises are the few measures towards self-reliant Bharat.
The recently announced ban on Chinese App has thrown open challenges and has given tremendous opportunities to IT researchers, software and hardware developers and even investor too. It is the biggest challenge for students and IT enthusiasts pursuing their higher studies in various universities and institutes such as IITs, IISc, NITs, IITs and many other such eminent institutions. There is no dearth of intellectual capability and talent in India.  It is the time for the students and teachers to burn their mid night oil and develop the appropriate and varieties of substitutes of 59 apps and teach hard lessons to our adversary. India is a land of brainy youths who, if once committed, can achieve anything and everything without having any pause and looking back.   

Way Ahead

Ban on Chinese Apps has opened new vistas for academicians and IT researchers that warrant their utmost attention. Challenge of developing substitute Apps needs to be transformed into opportunities. All the universities and institutes are required to take an urgent call and capitalize this opportunity and take the following actions to promote digital India campaign and promote software developers:
·       Lay out a clear cut path way and prepare a blue print to develop the alternative Apps in lieu of Chinese App.
·       If any alternates of Chinese app having Indian origin, is already available and able to meet the needs of customers, it needs to be left for the time being and priority to be given to those apps that have no Indian alternate solutions.
·       Create a pool of software developers, create SQRs (software qualitative requirements with respect to each App) and divide the work systematically as per the work flow chart.
·       Identify the platforms on which various apps can be developed.
·       For development of such Apps, two popular platforms are Android and Mac specially for apple phones, tablets and laptops.
·       The coding language, generally used is Advance Java for front end development and SQL for back end data storage and retrieval purpose.
·       Procure the requisite software if needed.
·       Conduct training for teachers and students, if needed.
·       Give specific time line to accomplish the task after gauging the quantum of work.
·       Collaborate with software industries and encourage start-ups.
·       Put up project proposals for funding from UGC, AICTE, DST etc, if needed.
·       Announce good prizes for team of developers and reward them and publicise their work.
·       We can plan for App Developer Marathon to attract the best talents.
·       Universities and colleges can take help of their alumni who have been toppers of IT and software engineering and working as computer wizards in industries.
·       This mission needs to be campaigned aggressively to attract the best talents from academic institutions and IT industries.

A Glance Needed by MHRD
Ministry of Human Resources Development along with UGC and AICTE has taken a number of praiseworthy initiatives to promote higher education. However, in view of imposition of ban on Chinese App, the ministry is suggested to take following immediate initiatives to boost up Digital and Make in India Campaign and mitigate the envisaged crisis and dissatisfaction and uncertainty prevailing among Chinese App users for want of readily available Indian Apps.
·       Call a mega meet of Vice Chancellors and Directors of all the universities and institutions of national importance.
·       Deliberate over the issue and seek suggestions from each VC and Director to develop all sorts of substitutes of Chinese App. It is not only to be limited to currently banned 59 Apps but it should seek for alternatives of all Chinese origin hardware and software products.
·       Soon after deliberations, issue immediate guidelines and advisories.
·       This year is required to be declared as “Software Development Year”.
·       Each university and institute of national eminence to be given compulsory task of developing substitute Apps.
·       Provide liberal funding to start-ups and software developing institutes for procurement of software and other peripherals.
·       Organise national Level Symposium for software developers and reward the best developer.      
·       MSME to be approached to promote new start-ups
·       All incubation centres across India running under the ages of MSME need to be tasked for floating invites to young entrepreneurs and start-ups particularly interested in developing software.
·       For App development public private partnership model need to be promoted.

 Opens Window of Opportunity for Investors
The day ban was announced, an upswing in time spent over social content Apps was observed. A sharp increase in number of downloads of social content Apps was also found. It attracted investors to look at home-grown social content platforms for fresh investments, as these start-ups look to fill the gap of their Chinese competitors. It is learnt from news that India’s TikTok alternative, MitronTV raised ₹2 crore in seed funding from venture capital firm. Similarly, another App called ShareChat, which competes with China's banned App Helo, is looking forward to raise fund of about $100 million, as a part of its next funding round. I am sure that this trend will definitely draw the attention of potential investors to support all young developers and start-ups. However, it is advised that investors must keep watch of market sentiments and government move before any investment so that they do not burn their fingers.
Concluding Remarks
Indian IT enthusiasts and core software developers must take a plunge and grab the present opportunity to develop most competitive social Apps lashed with all brilliant features to have a technological and social edge over that of Chinese Apps. Indian Make, social video apps like MitronTV, ShareChat claims of having million downloads in few days are very encouraging and gives clear signals to all developers and investors that if qualitative products are launched in the market there is no dearth of users. Another video sharing Indian App Chingari and Kagaz Scanner replacing Chinese cam scanner came to fore in no time and caught hold of sizeable market. Needless to emphasize that India is the biggest market in the world to consume all digital smart products. My appeal to all young entrepreneurs and software developers to capitalize the opportunity lying under your feet and bring laurels for yourself, our country and play a significant role in boosting Indian Economy and be one of the torch bearers of Young India and New India.

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