Be A Leader with Big Dreams by Afreen Islam

#Be A Leader with Big Dreams

Afreen Islam

Everyone has their own definition of leadership and so do I. With the constant passion for becoming a leader, it also teaches with time how to be a successful leader. Anyone who has big dreams lands up either achieving those dreams or some dream which is one level below the actual one. Take it with an example when we were dreaming of achieving 90% in 12th and our teacher used to say “only if you work hard and put your 105% efforts maybe then you may achieve somewhere around 90%”, and this was actually true. 

A leader has some personality traits like he is:

1. Visionary  

2. Trend Spotters

3. People Builders

4. Decision Makers

5. Flexible

6. Talent Spotters

7. Brutally Honest

8. Resilient

Once said “The greatest impact comes when leaders live small even while dreaming big”. As a leader, you will be able to do this when you:

1. Slow Down

2. Move Around

3. Be Inquisitive

As a leader you have been trained to shoot for the stars, to grab the brass ring, and to change the world. And you should.

Just remember, your legacy might well have more to do with your “live small” moments than it will with your “Dream Big” Accomplishments.

We stand for Freedom of Expression, doing what We  Believe in, and going after our Dreams.  We must tell people We are not too Stupid to know what's  ImPossible. We have Ridiculously Large Dreams, and Half the Time they Come True. All Men of Action are Big Dreamers Like Us.

Afreen Islam

Manager HR

Aircrews Aviation P Ltd.

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Happy🛩️  World 👮‍♀️  Pilot's  👮‍♂️ Day  ✈️

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