Dream Big Work Smart by Afreen Islam

#Dream Big Work Smart

Afreen Islam

Every person Dream of achieving something in their life but for that you have to really work hard, but working hard doesn’t mean you have to become a Bookworm (#Kitaabikeeda) #किताबी कीड़ा . With a lot of hard work and dedication you also need to play Smart. Dream Big so that you can achieve Big and create new opportunities for yourself and turn problems into opportunities too.

Imagine a person reading books day and night for becoming a Pilot. He has all the knowledge and learnt all the skills too, but what if he is not a situation handler, will he be able to control the plane during an emergency situation when he is supposed to stay calm. If he has just read how to fly the plane, how will he be able to save someone’s or his own life. Imagine a person clearing all prelims and mains for IAS and now going for IAS interview and he is being asked can you touch your nose with your tongue out. If he has no humour, he will think he has to touch his nose with his own tongue, if he is not Smart enough to quickly think and touch his nose with his finger with his tongue out. Such situations when a person has done all the hard work for his Big Dream he must know that it doesn’t bring success either as he has always been not Smart enough to fulfil his / her Big Dreams.

So, if your elders teach you to be good at studies remember one thing, you have to be good at everything but you have to be honest and pure at your heart. Smart work doesn’t mean you will do cheating in exams, but it means that you use your brain, your senses to sort things out and interpret things differently when they are said in a different manner. That is what is expected from a person who is Dreaming Big to become real Successful.

Success Mantra (#BigDreams) = Hard Work +  Smart Work 

Dissatisfaction and Discouragement are not Caused by the Absence of Ideas or things but the Absence of  Clear Vision and Focus

Afreen Islam

Manager HR

Aircrews Aviation P Ltd.





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