Believe You Can Succeed and You Will

Believe You Can Succeed and You Will

Donia Elizabeth  

Believe in Yourself. Your Limitation - It's only Your Imagination

Success in itself is very subjective. It can mean many things to many people. Some think success is a hefty bank balance, others think it is fame and recognition, and others think it is happiness. Success in simple terms means, achieving one’s goals in life. 

For this, we need to make sure to first have goals set that we would want to achieve in life. Once we identify and set goals for life, it is very essential to believe in them and in your ability to achieve them. A person who believes he is too weak or unskilled to achieve their own goals are never going to achieve it, because they will try only as much as they think they can achieve. 

Most of us have dreams in life where we want to be successful, earn lot of money and asset, gain recognition and fame and lead an easy and comfortable life, but it is not all who believe it is possible. Most people just think of it as something far away from their hand and something which is very utopic for them. These people would not really work for this success as in their heart they believe that they are not capable of that success. But it is the other section of people who aim for the skies and who believe it is achievable as well. 

Sure, our accomplishments are the result of our struggle and hard work, but there is something that ignites your hard work into tremendous success. When you tell yourself, "Yes, I will, I will, and I will," this confidence will be your winning coin in winning the huge that you've always wanted.

Look at the story of the Ambani empire. A person who started with very humble beginning, and had gone to Yemen at 16 years old, where he filled in as a dispatch representative with A. Besse and Co.

Subsequent to working in Dubai for quite a while he later came back to India where he established the Reliance Commercial Corporation with a small capital of Rs. 15000. He set up the business in association with Champaklal Damani from whom he split in 1965. After that the growth of Reliance is history to all of us and as per the current list is the 10th richest person in the world. 

Such a success story would not have been possible if Dhirubhai Ambani did not believe he could achieve the unachieved.

When you want something, all the Universe Conspires in Helping You to Achieve it  

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