Is Happiness a by Default Choice

Is Happiness a by Default Choice

Donia Elizabeth 

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Everyone wishes to be happy in their life. Whomever you would ask would reply they want to be happy as a long-term goal in their life. But does it really mean that happiness would be the by default choice on all occasions?

Several studies have demonstrated that happiness is rated as one of the most important goals across countries and cultures. There are even apps that help us be happier and to raise our moods. But studies have now come up with reports that happiness as a choice depends on the cultural aspect as well. When you look at western culture, people believe that personal happiness is something everyone deserves and everyone chooses happiness as their first priority in life. But, when we look at the eastern cultures, happiness here depends on many other factors and not necessarily on personal pleasure or satisfaction. 

Apart from that, it is not required by everyone to be happy at all times, there are times when people choose to be sad, and other times to be angry or frustrated. These emotions are also required because only then can someone actually truly enjoy happiness. Without all these other emotions, happiness would not make any sense. 

The movie InsideOut portrays this in a very beautiful manner, where happiness is trying to overcome all other emotions but later on it is evident that all emotions have a part to play and the default emotion has to keep changing as per the situation or else things are going to get messed up.

Thus, happiness is required by everyone and there are different parameters to determine happiness. But it is a fact that happiness in itself does not have a meaning without sadness, anger, or frustration. Happiness can be a choice for people, but it cannot be a default choice 

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