Good Decision-Making Skills of a Successful Leader Shruti Priya MBA IIM

Good Decision-Making Skills of a Successful Leader

Shruti Priya 

"Being a Successful Leader is not about making Speeches or being liked by everybody; Results, not Attributes, Define Leadership."

What is Decision-making? According to the management perspective, Decision making is an ongoing process of selecting the best possible alternatives they believe are best for their organization or people by evaluating each of them. It shows the proficiency of the leader in choosing between the available options. 

We make a lot of Decisions in our day-to-day life, and some are right for us, whereas some of them can be poor Decisions, but both impact our life to some extent. Each person here is different from the other; similarly, everyone has their style of making the Decision. Each person today is a result of the Decisions they have made in their life at some point in time. However, Decisions made by leaders can determine the success or failure of the organization or country. A leader needs to make Decisions promptly, even under intense pressure. It requires making difficult yet effective Decisions while keeping in mind the interests of others. 

Making a good Decision is a crucial Skill at every level. Making timely and well-considered Decisions can often lead the team to well-deserved success. Leaders will excellent Decision-making ability can produce quality and informed choices from the available options. Successful leaders make Decisions by processing all the required information and then speaking it with correct and relevant points. It is imperative to identify the process that can help make the right Decision by eliminating the biases that can affect the outcome. One must incorporate a wide variety of Skills to make the right Decision. Some of the Decision-making Skills that successful leaders possess include:

The Experience Developed over time

Clear Thinker such as Critical and conceptual thinking,

Good planner and organizer,

Can throw more light into the situation 

good at problem-solving and can employ their problem-solving Skills to make crucial Decisions

Emotional Intelligence, i.e., leaders must be critically aware of their emotions to express them in a way that encourages action

Creativity to generate unique solutions

Time management is essential for situations that require quick Decisions

Reasoning ability to review all the advantages and disadvantages of the Decisions 

Possess teamwork abilities so that they can collaborate with their coworkers at some point to make a sound Decision

Structured thinking helps in structuring the process of making the Decision

One can enhance their Decision-making ability and become a successful leader.  Few tips to increase the quality of Decision are, learning from past experiences, try to be skeptical, and know the right content before arguing or making a Decision. In addition, try to differentiate between the reversible and non-reversible choices, make regular notes of the relevant ideas and information you have, considering them before making a Decision, and avoiding the snap Decision. In the end, the best Decision is the mixture of knowledge, intuition, and willingness to take the risk. 

Top Decision Making Skills for Successful Leaders 

Identify all Critical Factors which will Affect the Outcome of a Decision

Evaluate options accurately and Establish Priorities

Anticipate Outcomes and see Logical Consequences

Navigate a bit of Risk and Uncertainty of Your Decision

Reason well in Contexts requiring Quantitative Analysis [QA] 

"Sometimes the Role of the Leader is just to lean in, believe and make others believe that what feels seemingly impossible is possible; Magic follows."

Shruti Priya [MBA IIM-s]

Manager HR [ Internship Incharge]

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.


Quantitative Analysis [QA] is a Technique that uses Mathematical and Statistical Modeling, Measurement, and Research to understand Behavior. Quantitative analysts represent a given reality in terms of a numerical value.

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