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Mindful Leadership

Leadership is sometimes used interchangeably with managing and Leaders are mistaken as Bosses. Leadership actually is very different from both these. Leadership involves having a vision and taking vision forward by transferring that enthusiasm and vision down to the followers. In an organization set up, a leader has to be mindful if they seek results from their subordinates.

Many people have different Motivations for Leading. Understanding why you want to be a leader is an important aspect to be a mindful leader.

Some leaders are motivated by #Skill Development. They want to be a leader after assessing their leaders. They feel that they would also excel at what they do at least as well as they do. This motivation comes from challenging work, problem-solving and strategic thinking.

Other leaders are motivated by #Relationships. They would want to be in a position where they can motivate others and provide advice to their subordinates etc. These people try to inspire others to do their best. These leaders have to first believe in the job they do and would love their job to be a leader

Other leaders are motivated by #Ego. There are still yet some people who would love to be a leader for they need power and approval. This kind of motivation has to be balanced and under control, lest it turns into a negative thing.

Leadership due to the need for Power, Control, and Fame are possible in managers or leaders. This type of motivation is the most crucial to balance. Once you identify this as your motivation to lead, there must be additional steps taken to balance out the motivation. The reason for this being, if the motivations like power, Control, and Fame are not controlled, it would seriously harm the organization. The leadership style would shift to an authoritarian style in a short span of time. There would be animosity between the subordinates and the leader. To keep this in check, the love for control and approval must be extended to the love for the organization. This would make sure that the decisions and the actions taken by the leader are in the best interests of the organization.

Leading to be Served or to Serve? This would be a crucial question in the self-reflection journey of a leader. To analyze this one should look into their own attitude, actions, and aspirations

#Attitude can be a huge indicator of what type of leader you are. If you constantly find yourself thinking that work must be done by your subordinate because they are here to ease your work rather than this work would help them grow or it would become their contribution to the company, then the attitude itself points out your motivation to lead.

#Actions are the follow-through of attitude. If the leader does not have enough time to cater to the needs of people around them and is focused on only their own agenda and tasks, the leadership inclines towards being served. 

#Aspirations of an individual also point to identifying this. People who wish to serve have their aspiration to impact people around them. This impact would be beyond the daily deliverables or their own individual ambitions or needs. The ability of an individual to look and strive away from self-focus is the key to identifying a person leading to serve.

A leader who has their motivations and priorities in the right place would be willing to put their individual interests behind the organization’s interest. Such people would have realized the importance of achieving the organization’s goals. When the organization’s goals are achieved it would in turn help in achieving personal goals and the goals of the people around you like colleagues, subordinates etc. 

These questions are a reflection of what type of leader you would be. Such kind of a reflection is essential for you to identify how to mold yourself to be a good leader. 

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Mindful Leadership 

🤔What is Your motivation for Leading?

🤔Am I in Leadership because I enjoy power, control, and fame?

🤔Am I Leading to serve or am I Leading to be served?

🤔Am I willing to put the interests of the organization ahead of my own?

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