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#Quick Decision-Making Skills

Only a person with clear Goals and Mindset can make quick Decisions. The Decision-making Skills of a person depend on his mentality and IQ Level, the better he is able to think and grasp, the better Decisions he can make. It is expected from a business person to take quick Decisions but the Decisions must be wise and fruitful. Making good Decisions quickly will determine the quickness of your reflexes, the speed of your punches, and quite frankly, your power in the ring. The slower your Decisions, the easier it will be for your opponent to hone in on you-- don't get caught in analysis paralysis. 

Taking a quick Decision doesn’t mean those vague Decisions which would hamper the situation would be acceptable. We see that leaders are usually having quick Decision-making Skills because they deal with people and work with them, they know their people very well so they can make judgments easily too. These Skills are sometimes acquired by time and experience and sometimes come naturally.

Top Tips to Make Smarter Decisions Faster

Stick to Your Mission No  Matter What 

Set a Time Limit 

Avoid Decision Fatigue Be Consistent 

Control what you can Control  

Understand Set Pattern Recognition. ...

Decide whether the Decision can be Reversed 

Make a Daily Decision Quota. ...

Use the Common-Sense Stress Test. …

“Don't Entrust your future on others'  Hands. Rather make Decisions by yourself with the help of God's Guidance. Hold your Beliefs so Tight and Never Let Go of them!”

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