How to Turn Defeat into Victory by Afreen Islam

#How to Turn Defeat into Victory

Afreen Islam  

Every person wants to be successful in his life, do something good for their family and for the society but there are few people who become successful takes care of their families but not the society. They just want to be victorious without hard work. They work for the benefit of earning enough money to fulfil their needs only. Such people are selfish they fear of failures, they just want that every race is won by them. To turn defeat into victory, people need to be selfless, hardworking and ready to face challenges of life. A person who never gives up on his goals is the one who deserves to be the champion of the race. One should never think that they cannot turn their failures into success, everyone can always do that, they just have to be consistently doing hard work and have patience to get the fruits.

3 mantras for turning defeat into victory:

Don’t get discouraged

Remain teachable

Make the correction

Here's a more practical process for dealing with setbacks:

o Accept the situation.

o Analyse the reasons for your failure.

o If the issues that lead to your failure are within your control, determine how to overcome those issues.

o If the issues that lead to your failure are not within your control, determine what courses of action are possible. If necessary, adjust your goals.

o Make a plan for future success based on your increased knowledge.

o Implement that plan

Tips to Turn Defeat Into Victory

Study Setbacks to pave your Way to Success. When you Lose, Learn Well, and then Go on to Win next Time.

Have the Courage to be your own Constructive Critic. Seek out your Small silly Faults and Weaknesses then try to Correct them.

Stop Blaming Luck. Be Strong

Blend Persistence with Experimentation.

Remember, there is always a Good Side in every Situation.

Always Remember that your Present Situation is not your Final Destination. The Best is yet to come.

Afreen Islam  [MBA IIM-s]

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