Reason to Fly First Class

Here is the Reason to Fly First Class

Anshika Motwani

You see them breeze through the security checkpoint as you wait in line, see them walk through the frosted glass doors of the airport lounge as you look for a seat in the gate room, and watch them drink a cocktail as you take your carry-on to the back of the aircraft. Elite passengers have it better than those of us trapped in coach, but are the benefits of flying first class actually worth the extra cost?

Free drinks -with more and more airlines charging for beverages these days, the promise of free drinks — even with beer! — is tempting. Most airlines provide free beer, liquor, and wine to first-class travelers, but you can consult with your airline to see what other perks are available on your flight.

More vacation time-Yes, first-class passengers have to deplane first, which saves you a few minutes. The real advantage of first class is that you're more likely to arrive at your destination rested and refreshed, particularly if you're on a red-eye or long-haul flight, since first-class seats are larger and more comfortable than those in coach.

Ability to work-The more spacious seats in first class mean that if you’re planning to work on that big presentation during your flight, you can actually do so.

Over-the-top amenities-On some airlines, the amenities for first-class passengers are truly something special.Etihad Airways has a three-room “residence” that comes with a butler, en-suite shower, and a personal inflight chef; smaller private apartments are also available in first class

Anshika Motwani 

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