Use Big Goals to Help You Grow Better Bhawana Aggarwal [MBA IIM-s] Manager FinTech AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

Use Big Goals to Help You Grow Better

Bhawana Aggarwal 

It is essential to set some specific Goals in our life if we want to get succeed. It was found in the research that 90% of the time, setting specific and challenging Goals results in high performance. Following are the reasons why Goals are so effective:

1. Motivation: Setting a Goal in our life means we already interpret the results of our efforts, which constantly motivates us to achieve those Goals.

2. Focus: In this changing environment, every day we can find some new technology, new trends and ideas. But setting a specific Goal helps us to stick to our ultimate objective. 

3. Learning: We set some Goals with the intention of achieving them, and a certain outcome will happen. Using Goals in this way allows us to learn things fast. Which ultimately helps us to grow fast.

How to set a Personal Goal?

To set a lifetime personal Goal we should follow the steps:

Step 1: look into the Big Picture:

The first and important step is to set a Lifetime Goal. We should think about the bigger picture and consider the following things while setting a lifetime Goal:

Career: Before setting a lifetime Goal it is important to think about our career and ultimate way of success.

Finance: It is essential to think about the financial need to accomplish the Goal and Return on investment after achieving the Goal.

Attitude: Positive attitude towards the objective is most important to accomplish it. A negative attitude always hindered our progress.

Pleasure: Everything we want to do; it is very important to be happy. If we are happy with our life choices then it becomes easy to learn more and get succeed.

Step-2: Break it into Small Goals:

Once we set our lifetime Goals, it is necessary to break them into small parts.

Firstly, convert it into two years or five years plan. Then break into six months plan or monthly plan.

After that, we should create a To-do list of our daily task, this accomplishment of small task motivates us to achieve our final Goal. One way to keep momentum going is to have consistently greater Goals. Having a Goal makes it much easier to Focus on the Tactics that will help you Hit your Goal and Avoid getting Distracted by the latest Shiny Object.

#Form a hypothesis

#Select your KPI [Key Performance Indicator]

#Select your Goal

#Track your Progress


Tips for Using KPI Key Performance Indicators

1 Be Clear on the User and Business Goals of your Product 

2 Make the Goals Specific 

3 Use Ratios and Ranges 

4 Avoid Vanity Metrics 

5 Don't Measure Everything that Can Be Measured 

6 Use Quantitative and Qualitative KPIs 

7 Employ Lagging and Leading Indicators.

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