Wallet Management Game

Wallet Management Game

Last date 24 April 2021 at 1530 Hrs

GooglePay, PhonePay, PayTm


Task No 1 

1. Make a Write Up On 

Wallet Management GooglePay, PhonePay, PayTm,  for Management Professionals.

2. Make a 15 Slides PPT On 

Wallet Management GooglePay, PhonePay, PayTm,  for Management Professionals.

3 Present PPT On Zoom on 24 April 2021 at 1530 Hrs [Max 10 Mins] 

Wallet Management GooglePay, PhonePay, PayTm,  for Management Professionals.

Task No 2

1. Get all Links and start Promotions

2. Get Maximum Hits on Blog and Views on PPT

3. Earn Points by Promoting Apps 

4. 1 View= 5 Hit

5. 1 INR Earn = 10 Hits

5. Total Hits + Views + Earning = Winner

Token Prizes

1st GooglePay  INR 500 

2nd PhonePay  INR 300

3rd  PayTm      INR 200 

A Co-Branded Certificate will be given to all Winners.

Rules of the Wallet Management  Game

1. The candidates must prepare a write-up of minimum of 250 words on Wallet Management GooglePay, PhonePay, PayTm,  for Management Professionals.

2. The Candidates must also prepare a PPT of 15 slides (including Intro and thankyou slides) on the same topic. The more elaborate with better content would make it easier to market your PPT

3. The PPT has to be presented on Zoom on 24th April 2021 at 15:30 PM (10 minutes maximum)

4. Timelines are to be strictly followed

5. Candidates must be using all the 3 Apps (PayTm, PhonePe, GooglePay). In case of any difficulty, reach out to the organizers

6. The next task would be to promote your content. 

7. 1 view would be taken as 5 hits and 1 INR would be taken as 10 Hits

8. The winner would be determined as the one which has the maximum Total hits + Views + Earning

9. The decision of the judges will be final

10. Top 3 winners will be awarded cash prize along with co-branded certificates

Donia Elizabeth  [MBA IIM-s]

Manager Mktg [ Game Incharge]

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.


+91 94475 13699



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