Do Happiest People are most Motivated People Shruti Priya

Do Happiest People are most Motivated People

Shruti Priya 

What does being #Happy mean? 

Is it getting #Success, being with family, getting new posts, learning new things, vacation with friends? There are many reasons why a person can feel Happy. People feel Happy when they subjectively believe that they to be satisfied.

Have you ever realized that when you overworked yourself, you crave vacations? People are most motivated when they come back from vacation. Why? What did they get on vacation that suddenly they became motivated to work? 

The reason is Happiness, whether it’s a weekend holiday or a long vacation. People spend time with their family, friends or fulfill their internal goals, which gives satisfaction and motivates people to work for their external purposes like success. There is much evidence showing that a Happy person thinks positively and can work more creatively and with enthusiasm than others. Even the companies who keep their employees Happy and satisfied and provide them with appreciation and rewards motivate them to work more. The Happiest people do more and get it done better than most. A person who is Happy and positive not only can be productive but also have a positive response to others. There can be many reasons behind this theory that the Happiest are most motivated. One such reason can be the physiological changes that occur in one’s body when one is Happy. People sense changes in their energy levels, not only physically but also mentally. 

Happiness increases Optimism, Positive Thinking, and Perceived control, but this might affirm false beliefs. If the task does not fulfill or gets worse can lead to severe breakdowns for the person. This doesn’t mean a person shouldn’t be Happy, because at last being Happy is the utter motive and can help bring your best. Therefore, the Happiest people are more motivated because they feel satisfied and keep them glued to their Goals.

Happiness is a Direction, Not a Destination 

Happiness Depends Upon Ourselves

A Great Obstacle to Happiness is to Expect  Extra Happiness

It is not how much Happiness we have, but how much we Enjoy, that makes Happiness

Happiness is not something Ready  Made.

Shruti Priya [MBA IIM-s]

Manager-HR [ Internship Incharge]

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

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