#Networking to Be A Successful MBA, Afreen Islam Manager HR Aircrews Aviation P Ltd.

#Networking to Be A Successful MBA

 Afreen Islam

Despite the fact that networking is an important aspect of any long-term professional strategy, many people struggle with it. A strong network will prepare you for achievement at every step of life, whether you aim to go to business school at some point or are already enrolled in an MBA or graduate programme.

Now, when I emphasize networking, I don't mean accumulating contacts just for the purpose of utilising them. Genuine networking occurs when you are genuinely interested in learning about the other person and finding methods to assist him or her, despite personal gain. This type of networking is beneficial not only for professional development but also for personal development.

So, we've established that networking is important for a successful professional path, but where do we begin? What is the best way to contact the people we want to connect with and how can we locate them?

So, here are some few strategies to improve your networking skills while pursuing your MBA.


First and foremost, be clear about what you want. You only need to think about two things: the industry/firm you want to work for and the position you want to fill. This emphasis necessitates a personal examination of your goals, aspirations, and vision for the future. Networking takes a lot of time and effort. As a result, make sure you're knocking on the proper doors so your efforts aren't wasted.

You'll want to approach to two types of people:

i. People with whom you want to make a connection.

ii. Individuals who will grant you access to the first.


Make contact with your prospects via email or during an event. You now have a target list. It's time to get in touch with them! You might wish to think about a variety of options, such as:

i. Send an e-mail to a specific person.

ii. Get together at a business function

iii. Use a social media platform to send a direct message.

Feel free to choose whichever approach makes you the most comfortable. I would suggest the first two options because the third may be regarded as "invasive," especially if you connect via Facebook.


Prepare your ideas, questions, and stories.

By preparing for the meeting, you can show your appreciation for your contact's time. You can prepare yourself by following the three steps below:

1. Define your objective.

2. Prepare a list of questions.

3. Understand your target as well as yourself.

Finally, pay attention to your intended audience. The more you speak, the less time your contact will spend speaking with you. Although it may seem odd, haven't you ever been in a scenario where you couldn't stop talking? I'm sure you did! As a result, try to always listen to your audience because "the more you offer, the more you get."


Within the next 24 hours, send an email thanking your target for their time. But first and foremost, you must record the facts you heard before. I recommend that you make a networking tracker template with at least the following information to fulfil your needs:

1. What method did you use to first contact your person of interest, such as a social media site, a cold call, an event, etc.? 

2. When and where did you achieve your objective? 

3. What are your impressions of the meeting? 

4. What are your plans for the future? Do you intend to follow up with the target? Did you and your partner agree to meet again? 

5. Contact information: Company name, email address, and so on.

Here I’m listing below some tools via which you can make your networking strong:

1. Google

2. LinkedIn

3. Facebook

4. Twitter

5. Blogs 

6. Articles 

7. Many more…

To sum up, while a systematic approach to your networking efforts is critical for success, keep in mind that this is a human connection. As a result, the level of connection you are able to establish with your target will have a significant impact on the outcomes you may expect from your meeting.

Afreen Islam

Manager HR

Aircrews Aviation P Ltd.



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