Smart Leaders Vs Hard Workers Bhawana Aggarwal [MBA IIM-s] Manager FinTech AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

Smart Leaders Vs Hard Workers

Bhawana Aggarwal 

After the introduction of various disruptive technologies and digital platforms most of the organizations shift to quality then quantity. They thought that smart workers are more successful than hard worker but is a debatable topic. 
One big debate in cricket match is that who is better player. The player who kept his wicket long enough and scored runs by taking singles and sweating it out through the match, or the one who stayed for a short time but scored ‘fours’ and ‘sixes’ to get the same score. It is forever debatable.
It was thought to all of us from our childhood that the only way to get success is hard work. Is it really true?
Abraham Lincoln is most famous for leading America during the American Civil War. He was a great leader as well as a person of immense intelligence and wisdom. A person like him believes that whenever you are given an opportunity instead of jumping on it, first plan, analyse and sharpen your skill. Clearly indicating the essence of “Smart work”. 

Another example is Bill Gates’ sentiment was truly reflective of the celebrated study by the pioneer of scientific management, Frank B. Gilbreth Sr. who in 1920 evaluated the motions of workmen to determine the most efficient techniques to perform various tasks. Astonishingly, he found that he could learn the most from lazy but smart men who made their every step count as against the more regular, hardworking, and routine bound men.

The ability to adapt to a situation and evolve one’s own strategy to come out successful is the key. In today’s world where everything is about being smart right from the phone that we use, it is clear that we want everything that is faster, better and cheaper. Competition is fierce and innovation is creating new markets and products. 
We have gone through all the thoughts about a smart and hard worker. I feel both are complement each other. This again depends on the situation and circumstances and how the Management views it. Both the competencies are required for an organisation to get success. 

Bhawana Aggarwal [MBA IIM-s]
Manager FinTech
AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.
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