Time Management is Key Importance for a Successful and Less Stressful Life, Shruti Priya [MBA IIM-s] Manager HR [ Internship Incharge] AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

Time  Management is Key Importance for a Successful and Less Stressful Life

Shruti Priya  

“To become Productive, you need to become Master of your  Minutes.”

Time management is the process of planning the Time spent on each task to work on daily.  It is the act of various things that helps in keeping a balance between personal and professional life. Improving Time management skills also helps in enhancing performance and achieving success with less effort, i.e., it can be done with working smart, not hard. Time management also helps in developing more effective strategies to achieve the desired goal.

Researchers stated that the primary cause of stressful life is poor Time management. Due to a lot of work, people start feeling anxious that they may not complete the work in time, which leads to stress and losing focus. The situation worsens when these people couldn’t handle their work due to poor Time management and have this feeling even if there’s hardly anything to do. However, failing to manage Time can also result in the following consequences: 

1. Tiredness 

2. Sleeping disorders

3. Inability to concentrate

4. Mood swings

5. Stress

6. Withdrawal symptoms

7. Loss of direction or goal

8. Health issues

9. Problems in personal life

10. Missed deadlines

11. Poor quality of work

12. Poor reputation and a stalled career

Good Time management is essential to handle the workload without excessive stress. Time management helps in increasing our productivity and creativity. In addition to this, it helps to reduce long-term stress and provide a direction to handle a lot of work. Time management is essential for keeping track of the path one is following to achieve their goals. By using Time efficiently, one can enjoy their work without any stress and maximize the Time outside work to relax and for personal relationships. The other reasons why Time management is essential are:

Increase output

Reduce wastage of time

Reduce stress

Increase work efficiency

To have good control of our work-life balance 

Achieve goal faster

Fulfill more tasks in less time

Make a change in your lifestyle for the better

Better reputation as a professional

Better opportunities for advancement

Greater career goals

The process of Time management starts with making activity logs and understanding the cost of your time. So, how can one keep things on track when you have more work to do and less Time to get it done.  Below are some Time management strategies that can be used in our daily life:

Setting goals: Setting short-term(daily or weekly ) goals and long-term goals is the first step of Time management. Without a specific purpose, one cannot know where to invest their crucial time, leading to a successful and less stressful life.

Planning: Effective planning is significant for achieving the desired goal. Planning plays an important role in Time management as both go hand-in-hand with each other. You can make the best utilization of Time only when it is planned well.

Deadlines: Even if you have a plan, setting a deadline for the completion is necessary. One must define a relevant Time duration to complete a particular Time and try your best to stick to it. This not only helps in completing the task but also increases the focus and thinking ability.

Prioritizing task: Spending the right Time on the right activity is one of the main Time management strategies. You cannot manage your Time by giving equal priority to all the tasks. One must learn to prioritize their work before planning.

Distractions: Learn to cut off distractions as fast as possible. This helps in reducing the wastage of Time and increasing the per-day work productivity.

Time Management is of Key Importance for a Successful and Less Stressful Life. We might often think that days should have more than 24 hours, as we are constantly running out of time. There are even studies that focus on how much additional Time would be needed in a day in order to do all that is necessary.

“Become your own judge and your own mentor and make Time management your tool of success.”

Shruti Priya [MBA IIM-s]

Manager HR [ Internship Incharge]

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.


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