Be Thankful for what You Have! [A Branded MBA Degree]

Be Thankful for what You Have! [A Branded MBA Degree]

Not everyone got this! A Branded MBA Degree. After a year-long effort, I got this opportunity and a brand name of the Indian Institute of Management. I am really thankful to God to provide me with such an opportunity.

I am starting this thread as an in-depth exploration to figure out whether an MBA from a Top 10 school is better than an MBA from a Top 20 or Top 50, and the ultimate goal is to quantify it as exactly as possible.

In India, around 4 to 5 lakhs students applied for MBA and around 40 lakhs students worldwide. Out of all these students, 90% wants to get this Brand name only, but only a few of them are able to manage it. 

If we look at the demographic data of MBA aspirants, we found that out of total aspirants only 30% are females and 70% are males. But nowadays universities try to create gender equality in their students. And we found a significant increase in the number of females in the MBA program, but it is still very low. 

We also found that only one-third of applicants are freshers and the remaining candidates having significant experience in their field. They want to pursue MBA just because they want to get a piece of specialised knowledge in their respective field or wants to increase their position or responsibility at their workplace.

Out of all these aspirants, only one-tenth are able to get their dream colleges or a Brand name. Many of those who are not able to do this is decide to Apply next year to get their Dream college. But many of them are satisfy themselves with other universities and colleges.

But if look at the Broder view, we found at the end it is more important for a student to skills rather than a Brand name. If a person has high skills and morals, he or she can reach high success anyways, but if they have a lack of skills and moral then they can't get succeed.  

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