Business Proposal for Collaboration

Business Proposal:

The Kids Virtual World Tour is a Unique Travel Initiative launched by in association with,  and many more Organisations and many IIMs. 

Methodology: in association with and  is organising an event of VIRTUAL TOUR OF THE WORLD on the theme of

AROUND THE WORLD IN 60 DAYS. Under this program, we are providing the students with an outstanding experience of the different countries, their Zoos, Airports and

Amusement parks. Our main objective is to educate students with fun. In this

harsh time of pandemic and lockdown children feel bored in their homes and

start more inclined towards phones and television. But our program helps them

to learn in a good and nice manner and help them to overcome this bad habit of

phones and television. We are focus on the overall development of a kid

which is normally getting through outside by exploring and visit different places

and meet different people.

Overview and Background:

In this program, our organisation took a step forward and tried to render them by organising an event which would consist of Microsoft teams and any other suitable platform, for students of class 4th to 12th and making them learn about 40 countries by showcasing the presentation which will inculcate a great knowledge in them and make them learn about the world This event is commencing from 1st July 2021. The children will learn about the country's capital, its currency, culture, language, wildlife, amusement park, airports and many more. 


I am writing this proposal for collaboration with your organization. We want your students to become a participant in our program. They will get good exposure to different countries. This Collaboration is beneficial for both organizations. As a leader in society, your involvement with us in VIRTUAL TOUR OF THE WORLD is an opportunity for your organisation to receive exposure and join other individuals, organisations and coalitions in the community to educate the youngsters who are the future of our country. The theme of the event is GO EVERYWHERE WITHOUT GOING ANYWHERE. This theme reminds us that during the pandemic, when human beings are confined to the four walls of the house can still experience the culture of other countries by making the use of technology. Apart from this all the terms and conditions are dependent on the mutual consent of both parties.

Financial Proposal:

We are going to charge a fixed amount for the school. The registration fees are just $500 in addition to some additional charges.

Our Collaboration is completely dependent on mutual collaboration and understanding between the organizations.

Capt. Shekhar Gupta

Chief Executive Officer

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