Don't do Nothing..Inglish is a very very funny language

"Don't do Nothing.."  "Inglish is a very very funny language!!!"

Its a double negative which implies, "Don't do anything".  We, in India, are not much used to it but somehow its very popular with Yanks from North & South America. I realized this while undergoing my initial simulator training on AW-139 helicopter with a South American instructor. Sitting behind he wanted to demonstrate the power and automation of FADEC engines of the helicopter by simulating engine failure immediately after take off. So he told me, "Cutting off number one engine, don't do nothing!"

With my superior Rewa English I understood as "cutting of one engine, do something." So I immediately disengaged autopilot and took over manually. As I was flying a new machine that too solo (without a copilot), it took a lot of effort & sweating to get the helicopter back in safe regime.

He told me loudly, "I told you don't do nothing" and repeated the exercise twice more with the same results. Now he was visibly upset and frustrated. I also realized that there was a communication gap (black hole would be more apt). So I asked him to pause the exercise and said I am unable to understand, " you want me to do something, or you want me to do nothing?,"

Nothing he shouted. 

So next time he cut off the engine I kept sitting and autopilot beautifully managed the initial & critical part of the emergency. Then when he signalled, I took over partially and landed back peacefully. He finally heaved a sigh of relief.

I explained the entire confusion to him during the debrief over a hot cup of coffee. Both of us had a good laugh and he promised to improve his English to Indian standards.

As the say, 

"Inglish is a very very funny language!!!"

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