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As a result, today was a productive learning day as we covered many aspects of verbal and nonverbal communication 

👉the verbal communication skills withhold only on the 20 % of your personality and rest 80% is the utmost importance when its come to body language .

 During your presentation, it's all about holding open hands and keeping your body open. This indicates that you're open to exchanging ideas as well as taking away ideas from your audience. Following that is

 👉 The eye contact that all of you should make while communicating is two to three seconds, as anything longer could give the wrong signal to the other party.

 👉Managing facial expressions very carefully is especially important because it is a very direct reflection of who you are on the inside, what you feel, and how you think.

 👉Hand gestures: Don't fidget your hands or make fidgety hand movements. Don't make too many movements and gestures.

 👉As far as posture is concerned, you need to maintain a straight back.

 👉Don't tap your feet and shake your hand firmly

 👉Keep one arm's distance from the person you are talking to.

 👉Each person shared their personal experiences of getting stuck and being unable to speak for a period of 30 - 40 seconds. We had a great discussion about practicing in front of the mirror and with friends.

 👉Give presentations with a different tone, keep enthusiasm and zeal in your own heart.

 👉Titles should be more intriguing in order to generate interest in the audience.

 👉Try to keep it to a maximum of five points by writing 10 or 20 lines in your head 

 👉We learn that what is heard last is remembered first by the principle of recency


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Magic of Communication
Persona Management
Interpersonal Skills 

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Magic of Communication

Persona Management

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Interpersonal Skills

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