Soft Skills and Personality Development


A great deal of interaction took place with the guests, in order to make the activities run smoothly. Developing a personality involves more than giving lectures, but also engaging in conversations with guests, understanding their concerns. We asked the participants about their favorite leaders so as to find out why they like them so much; the answers were astounding; they talked about our late President  and scientist A.P.J Abu Kalam. However, the main reason behind their attraction is their aroma, down to earth personality, etc.
I believe the most insightful thing is how long does the personality span last is 7 seconds. It's all about the first impression you leave as your mannerisms, your grooming style, your communication, and how you are able to present yourself. During the subsequent sessions, these points will be elaborated on.
To be able to shine externally, it is most important that we feel ourselves internally. It is very well illustrated with Freud's iceberg theory, which illustrates that what lies within us is the part of our ice that pertains to our conscious and unconscious minds mind. Will be automatically reflected outside in our personality. and our inner self contain our feelings, beliefs, experience, thinking,emotions, etc.the list of activities held are
What are some ways to become popular?
After the guests are asked to write their responses, a mind-blowing conclusion is reached. 'We must dream while we are awake'. we can create this liking by listening to others, respecting their opinion, smiling, not playing the blame game, and using other ways of saying no.
Don't show sympathy to others, but empathy.
Your abilities and talent should never be doubted
One of the most hypermarket lines of the session is TRY TO INTROSPECT YOURSELF by avoiding distractions like mobile phones and social media. Also, you need to look at your SWOT analysis and focus on your strengths as that is the place where your true abilities lie. It is right to say that you should not spend time on your weaknesses
Don't allow your day to "rule" you; instead, you should "rule your day" yourself.

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