Money cant buy Happiness but could it Motivate you to live a better life

Money can't buy Happiness but could it Motivate you to live a better life

Money can't buy Happiness but could it Motivate you to live a better life?

Anshu Aggarwal 

Motivation In the company it is important to consider, why employees do what they do, why they perform like they perform and why they act the way they act. It is necessary to think if it is just a habit, or it is a result of previous Motivation. It is right  these facts  that  many  organizations  do not  realize, while sufficiently Motivated employees are able to perform and  achieve  their  dream  goals  and  goals  of  the organization itself. Quality  of  Motivation  of  human  potential  principally determines  the  quality  of  organizational  engagement. Individuals  and groups  with high  Motivation  are able  to work  more  effectively,  with  a  higher  inventiveness,  a higher  responsibility  in  comparison  with the  individuals and groups with low Motivation .  

The  most  valuable  thing  new  employees  bring  to  the company, is their willingness to work for the company. It means that they work voluntarily, so they want to work by their own  decision and  make it  even with pleasure.  It is really  difficult,  almost  impossible  to  achieve  this  state through special directives or commands, but only through the support of employees’ Motivation. When talking about  employee  Motivation, it  is about  his inner,  own,  self-imposed  decision,  why  and  with  what approach will  he try  to fulfill  his tasks.  A person has his own  reasons  why  he  works  in  the  company  and  the company often even does not exactly know these reasons. And these reasons may change overtime.

Efficiency is  basically  a  set  of  features  and dispositions of the employee. The  management  of  performance  is  a tool  of  achieving better  results  in  the  company,  in  teams  and  even  in individuals,  thanks  to  the  fact  that  the  performance  is understood and managed within agreed planned objectives, standards, and competencies. It is a process of creating of shared idea about what should be achieved. 

1. Integration  of  objectives  of  company  and  particular employees and managers 2.Increasing of employees' share in fulfilling the company objectives

3. Not to work more, but more effectively. 

4.To achieve these  objectives it is  necessary

To review the literature in order to identify what is considered to be good practice in terms of both empowerment and recognition and to compare this with the current practice at the Bombay Hospital.

To review the literature in order to understand the relationship between staff Motivation and performance (including low absenteeism, reduced staff turnover etc.),and how increased empowerment of staff can improve staff Motivation(including the comparison with the relevant Motivating factors).

Talks about the importance of Motivating the employees and underlines the Motivation as a key factor which influences the performance of employees, their efficiency and the efficiency of the company. These facts are supported by a model that expresses the relationship and connection between Motivation, performance and efficiency, also how each other influences and highlights the factors which affect the increase of performance maintaining the high Motivation of employees.

Anshu Aggarwal

HR Manager

AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd

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