Mistakes Parents of Teens Need to Avoid By Nirupama Shyam

Mistakes Parents of Teens Need to Avoid


Nirupama Shyam

Mistakes Parents of Teens Need to Avoid

#Avoid Ego

#Don't Unde or Over-Identify with Your Teens 

#Don't take anything too Personally 

#Don't Model losing control to someone 

Struggling to keep his Cool

#Don't Engage in Power Struggles 

#Don't  try to Compensate for a Spouse 

You think is too Lenient or too Strict

#Don't Talk when you need to Listen.

 As a Parent of Teenager, it becomes quite challenging to raise them in modern society. Realize that your teen children are smart and do not need your advice in every single aspect.  If you have a Teenager, this means you have officially entered into a phase where parental guidance is less important and friends opinions matter for them. Just make sure they have enough confidence to not fall into stupidity. 

#GuidingRightPath:  Every Parent's strongest fear is their Teens involved with bad stuff. Make them comprehend the consequences of having Alcohol, Cigarettes as a minor. Also, other illegal stuff like Teen pregnancy, drugs, Shoplifting, Stealing are needed to be supervised on a regular basis.

#TrustTheirAmbitions: Have complete faith in your children and remember that they have ambitions and intelligence too. Value and trust their instincts in this regard. Have goals for your kids but do not impose on them. Encourage them, but without using force. 

#ListenToYourTeens: Always be a good listener when you have a Teen at home. Many parents think it goes the other way around that they are supposed to listen to parents. But to model the right behavior, listen to their problems. If you respect your kids and treat them like real people, they should learn to respect you. 

Raise a teen boy or a girl like any other person. Like how you want yourself to be treated if you were in a situation where most of your power had been taken away. Give the power to your teen and mold them to use it the right way. 

The cultural myth of believing that the teenage years are the best years of a person’s life needs to be stopped. The reality is that they go through hormonal changes that are hard to deal with. Their bodies are changing. Teens are under sheer pressure over various things like exams, anger, sexual development, and trust issues. They are literally walking a fine line between being kids and adults. 

Raising teenagers is tough because part of the mechanism of developing autonomy they go through. It becomes tougher because they are still your child. You want to protect them and stop them from committing mistakes. So, the best advice is - Making mistakes is part of the process, and all a parent can do is to stand back and let kids figure things out. However, make sure to prevent them from making permanent and life-altering mistakes. 


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