Parenting: Handling Difficult Teenagers In Friendly Manner By Nirupama Shyam

Parenting: Handling Difficult Teenagers In Friendly Manner


Nirupama Shyam

Parents of Teenagers should learn that Control is nothing but an illusion. Never Force, Threat, Neglect your Teen Children but improve your Parenting skills by spending your quality time with them. Motivate your child towards positive and constructive things and guide them to make good choices rather than harmful and bad choices.

So, how do you motivate a teen? It is possible if you really motivate yourself in positive ways. In order to preach good stuff to a teen, you have to learn to manage yourself well. And the solution lies grow personally and make required changes in the way you behave towards them.

Work on developing age-appropriate conversations and  evolve a positive relationship with your teen as early as possible. Certainly it is a lot of work and takes time. But be consistent in putting efforts citing that you will build trust and mutual respect, which is nothing but a foundation for choices that you both can live with.

#PlayAlong:  Take your Teens to outings. Sports, Cycling, grabbing an ice cream together, Shopping, a concert, hiking, Craft-making, Camping and many more. Instead of sticking to gadgets, get out together and do something that can build your rapport. The more time you spend together, the more they like you in a nonjudgmental way.

#TreatThemLikedults:  Even if not needed, just ask your teen for help. Ask them to help you in picking up heavy things, open jars, and walk with you outdoors for protection.  This is required to make them feel that you are thinking of your teen as an adult and helpful being. Also, try to ask for their advice every now and then. This will make them believe that as a parent, you are evolving from the controlling and powerful one to a friend. 

#WatchYourTone: Despite how harsh they are with you, talk to them softly and in a friendly manner. This might even leave them guilty. 




#ValueTheirFriendsAndActivitiesHandling a difficult Teenager is also possible when you realize that your job is not to control them but to guide and cleverly motivate them.  Give your teen some time to learn new things instead of spoon-feeding. If they fail, Be calm,  Be confident, Be respectful, and Be patient. Most of all, be understanding.  Your teen will blossom eventually and gradually!







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