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Back to My School


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#Be the change to see the change for personal development

Gurukuls play a very important role in our children’s life. In last 2 years, Pandemic has highlighted the importance of schools in child’s as well as Parent’s life.

Though mentors have transformed valuable learning sessions online from offline, now almost 90% of kids pray for No More Lockdowns.

Mini Back To School programs were proved to be grand celebrations. Children were super excited to return to school. Also, teachers were observed with the warmest tone and touch to welcome kids back.

Checklist for kids for starting a new year on Campus-

  1. Have a haircut.

  2. All vaccination certificates and medical history documents should be organized.

  3. Get rid of items that don't fit.

  4. Check the school calendar to make sure you are aware of all the important dates, events, registration, Time-table etc.

  5. Figure out your transportation plans to reach school on time.

  6. Adjust the schedule so that internal clocks are ready for an early school wake-up.

  7. Plan your meals and lunch box, pencil kit, color kit, bag.

  8. Don’t forget to take care of your water bottle. Drink water every 30-40 minutes to recharge yourself and stay hydrated. You may carry Tang also.

  9. Take care of your behavior, patience, belongings, and safety measures.

  10. Carry your mask and sanitizers responsibly.

Kids may long to eat or lie down initially but they can stay strong understanding the demand of the hour. Worst case they may share their feelings, health signals with the teacher and do as guided to feel better.

Lots of patience and understanding are required by each parent. They are valuable partners to guide and strengthen kids. Kids may lose hope of staying for long on campus, parents will be required to encourage them and stay strong themselves too. They must interact with children daily for 30 minutes to find out their points of excitement or disappointment to immediately share the joy or heal the gaps. Parents must act as a bridge to strengthen the bond and trust between children and their mentors.

Together we can make a difference and revive the ambiance with love and support. It depends on our words, behavior how our kids will take up things with fear, hesitation, or confidence. Their confidence can help them to stay more fit and tuned.

It's worth it- if you feel it.

H@ppy Reforming

Be the change to see the change for personal development

Neha Mittal

Front Line Warrior

MCA, Banasthali Vidyapith, Tonk

BCA, GEIT , Dehradun

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