Job Description, Job Roles and Responsibility of a Director by Rumana Maner [MBA] HR Manager

 Job Description, Job Roles and Responsibility of a Director

Director Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Director, or Managing Director, manages and oversees a small group of subordinate managers. Their duties include strategic planning, ensuring the company meets goals and managing profit and loss.

Director duties and responsibilities

A successful Director uses independent judgement and looks at the larger picture to manage company-wide initiatives that help achieve long-term goals. Common duties and responsibilities for a director include:

·   Supervising, mentoring and managing a small group of managers

·   Maintaining relationships with clients, partners and other stakeholders

·   Managing the profits and losses of the organisation or a specific division

·   Developing goals and initiatives to direct the company’s course

·   Guiding managers on implementing company initiatives and policies

·   Evaluating company processes and procedures to solve issues within them

·   Ensuring business operations are implemented based on established procedures

·   Maintaining regulatory records and paperwork

What does a director do?

Directors serve in senior management roles at or near the top of the organisational structure. They manage and lead other managers just below them, serving as a mentor and ensuring their managers implement company policies, procedures and initiatives correctly. Directors work with managers to evaluate business operations and identify issues that might hurt the company. They often deal with budgets to ensure the organisation or department meets financial goals.

The role is usually more hands-off since the Director doesn’t work with the majority of employees. The managers under the supervision of the Director should be more competent in their duties and not need as much hands-on support. This frees up the Director to work on bigger-picture concerns that improve the organisation’s operation.

Director skills and qualifications

A successful Director will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications needed for this position, including:

·   Exceptional leadership skills to effectively lead managers

·   Strong understanding of industry standards, business operations and regulatory requirements

·   Excellent written and oral communication skills

·   Planning and organisation skills to facilitate goal-setting

·   Innovative mindset to create new, effective solutions

·   Analytical skills to interpret data

·   Mathematical and financial skills for budgeting responsibilities

Director experience requirements

A Director should have at least seven to 10 years of experience, including at least five years in a management role. Many Directors move up through the management ranks to reach the senior leadership position. In some organisations, there are also associate or assistant Directors who fit in between the Director and managers. This can be a stepping stone to the Director position.

Director education and training requirements

A Director usually has a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or a similar field. Some employers look for candidates with a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Directors of a specific department might have a degree in a related field. For example, a Director of Finance might have a finance degree. Most candidates entering a director position shouldn’t need a lot of training other than learning about specific business practices for the organisation.

Director salary expectations

The average salary for a director is $80,485 plus $20,000 in annual cash bonuses and $13,535 in annual profit sharing. Salaries may vary based on the candidate’s experience, education and location.

Director responsibilities include:

  • Developing and executing the company’s business strategies

  • Providing strategic advice to the board and chairperson

  • Preparing and implementing comprehensive business plans to facilitate achievement

Job brief

We are looking for an experienced Director to control and oversee all business operations, people and ventures. You will be the highest-ranking manager in the organisation and will be responsible for the overall success of the business.

The ideal candidate will be a strategist and a leader able to steer the company to the most profitable direction while also implementing its vision, mission and long-term goals. Very strong crisis management skills will also be essential since the managing director is the one expected to “save” the company in times of need.

The goal is to ensure the company is constantly moving towards fulfilling its short-term and long-term objectives and does not diverge from its strategic guidelines.


  • Develop and execute the company’s business strategies in order to attain the goals of the board and shareholders

  • Provide strategic advice to the board and Chairperson so that they will have accurate view of the market and the company’s future

  • Prepare and implement comprehensive business plans to facilitate achievement by planning cost-effective operations and market development activities

  • Ensure company policies and legal guidelines are communicated all the way from the top down in the company and that they are followed at all times

  • Communicate and maintain trust relationships with shareholders, business partners and authorities

  • Oversee the company’s financial performance, investments and other business ventures

  • Delegate responsibilities and supervise the work of executives providing guidance and motivation to drive maximum performance

  • Read all submitted reports by lower rank managers to reward performance, prevent issues and resolve problems

  • Act as the public speaker and public relations representative of the company in ways that strengthen its profile

  • Analyse problematic situations and occurrences and provide solutions to ensure company survival and growth

Requirements and skills

  • Proven experience as Managing Director or other managerial position

  • Demonstrable experience in developing strategic and business plans

  • Thorough knowledge of market changes and forces that influence the company

  • Strong understanding of corporate finance and measures of performance

  • Familiarity with corporate law and management best practices

  • Excellent organisational and leadership skills

  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and presentation skills

  • Outstanding analytical and problem-solving abilities

  • BSc/BA in business administration or relevant field; MSc/MA will be preferred


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