Revenue Analyst By Priyanshi Singh

Revenue Analyst

By @Priyanshi Singh

A revenue analyst is a special type of accountant who keeps track of a company's revenue and looks for ways to improve it. This analysis is multifaceted. The revenue analyst tracks revenue over time and determines the direction of the trend. He determines how a company's revenue compares to competitors in the industry. The analyst breaks down revenue by individual product and service and determines which goods are making the company money and which are not. He matches revenues to expenses for each business segment to determine the relative profitability of each segment. A revenue analyst must possess an almost preternatural attention to detail and be highly accurate with his work.

Roles and Responsibilities : 

1. Analyze and maintain pricing structure and fare levels on assigned routes in the network in line with competitive actions and market demands with the objective to meet revenue and passenger volume targets of each route.

2. Evaluate trends in market conditions using information available through and from various sources, including market intelligence reports relative to competitor activities, political/economic trends/industry developments to make pricing and scheduling decisions.

3. Create a sell up plan for peak seasons and suggest proactive tactical measures to stimulate traffic during the low seasons to maximize revenue.

4. Recommend additional flights or flight cancellations based on demand on the flights, cost of operations and impact on customer service with the aim to capitalize on reduced operating cost.

5. Recommend aircraft swaps to optimally utilize capacity of the aircraft and to align capacity with changes in demand.

6. Conduct data analysis to identify passenger profile and booking behaviour including no-show trends. Use this information to optimize inventory and overbook flights on the assigned routes minimizing spoilage and spillage costs and maximizing revenue.

7. Evaluate and provide discount levels for group bookings involving the assigned routes with the objective of revenue maximization.

8. Conduct revenue integrity checks on the assigned routes to prevent loss due to seat spoilage on account of duplicate, fake and partly paid bookings.

9. Conduct user testing of revenue management and pricing systems and provide requirements to develop, implement and customize solutions.

10. Analyze respective routes where potential revenue increase can be adopted and suggest strategies.

11. Review forecast on weekly basis and adjust to ensure forecast accuracy maintained as per the departmental standards.

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