System Design Interview Questions

 System Design

 System Design Interview Questions

  • How would you design a social media app?  

  • How would you design X game?  

  • How would you design a parking lot? 

  • How would you design TinyURL?  

  • How would you design a web cache?  

  • How would you design autocomplete for a search engine?  

  • How would you design an API?

System Design is an extremely important part of the interviews if you're Interviewing for a higher position. 

However these days, for freshers too, System Design is being asked in the interviews. 👩🏼‍💻

So, to perform well in such interviews, we need to be on top of things. And to learn system design, one of the best ways is to go through a lot of System Design Interview Questions. 📝

We  have collected some   good System Design Blogs:

☘️ Design Facebook - System Design Interview:

☘️ Design URL Shortening service like TinyURL:

☘️ Design video-sharing platforms like Youtube:

☘️ Dropbox System Design:

☘️ Compilation | Microsoft Design Questions | SDE-I/SDE-II:

☘️ Design YouTube - Very detailed design with diagrams:

☘️ Coupon Management System: System Design Interview:

☘️ Design a Hit Counter:

☘️ Cowin System Design:

☘️ Machine Learning System Design - A framework for the interview day:

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