Engineering Branches after 12th

Engineering Branches after 12th
As we have earlier discussed that a student opting for a combination of science and mathematics can pursue for engineering after 12th. But engineering is a wide field which provides various segments in which engineering can be done. Let’s discuss them one by one.
Following are the ways in which one can do his/ her engineering-
  1. Diploma in Engineering- is a 3 year long program and after completion of diploma, a student can enroll himself or herself directly into the 2nd year of B.E or B.Tech program.

  1. B.E. or B.Tech. (Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology)-  is a 4 year long program in which a student can study a particular branch.

  1. M.E. or M.Tech. (Master of Engineering or Master of Technology)- is a 2 year long program and can be pursued only when one has completed his/her Bachelors.

  1. PhD programs- are doctoral programs which can be done only when masters are completed.

Now let’s talk about various branches of engineering.

·      Courses in B.E. or B.Tech

  1. B.E. or B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering
  2. B.E. or B.Tech. Electrical Engineering
  3. B.E. or B.Tech. Civil Engineering
  4. B.E. or B.Tech. Chemical Engineering
  5. B.E. or B.Tech. Computer Science Engineering
  6. B.E. or B.Tech. IT Engineering
  7. B.E. or B.Tech. IC Engineering
  8. B.E. or B.Tech. EC Engineering
  9. B.E. or B.Tech. Electronics Engineering
  10. B.E. or B.Tech. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  11. B.E. or B.Tech. Petroleum Engineering
  12. B.E. or B.Tech. Aeronautical Engineering
  13. B.E. or B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering
  14. B.E. or B.Tech. Automobile Engineering
  15. B.E. or B.Tech. Mining Engineering
  16. B.E. or B.Tech. Biotechnology Engineering
  17. B.E. or B.Tech. Genetic Engineering
  18. B.E. or B.Tech. Plastics Engineering
  19. B.E. or B.Tech. Food Processing and Technology
  20. B.E. or B.Tech. Agricultural Engineering
  21. B.E. or B.Tech. Dairy Technology and Engineering
  22. B.E. or B.Tech. Agricultural Information Technology
  23. B.E. or B.Tech. Power Engineering
  24. B.E. or B.Tech. Production Engineering
  25. B.E. or B.Tech. Infrastructure Engineering
  26. B.E. or B.Tech. Motorsport Engineering
  27. B.E. or B.Tech. Metallurgy Engineering
  28. B.E. or B.Tech. Textile Engineering
  29. B.E. or B.Tech. Environmental Engineering
  30. B.E. or B.Tech. Marine Engineering
  31. B.E. or B.Tech. Naval Architecture

Please note that there are some integrated programs as well and their duration is 4 years. Some of the integrated programs are:

  1. B.E./B.Tech. + M.E./M.Tech.
  2. B.E./B.Tech. + MBA
·       Courses in Diploma

Following are the courses in which a student can do diploma in engineering.

  1. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  2. Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  3. Diploma in Civil Engineering
  4. Diploma in Chemical Engineering
  5. Diploma in Mining Engineering
  6. Diploma in Computer Science Engineering
  7. Diploma in Marine Engineering
  8. Diploma in EC Engineering
  9. Diploma in IC Engineering
  10. Diploma in Metallurgy
  11. Diploma in Sound Engineering
  12. Diploma in Textile Engineering
  13. Diploma in Automobile Engineering
  14. Diploma in Dairy Technology
  15. Diploma in Power Engineering.

Once diploma course or Bachelors is done in a particular course then one can do his/her master’s and PhDs. Accordingly.

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