How to Apply for an International Airline Job

How to Apply for an International Airline Job?

Shruti Priya

The Airline industry requires employees for multiple positions, so landing a Job in the industry with a suitable skill set is not difficult as Airlines have diverse positions available for recruitment. Also, the requirements and the hiring process differ due to a wide variety of Jobs and Airlines. However, some elements will be similar why applying for an Airline Job. The Job roles available in an international Airline are: 

•The Pilot- Pilots fly and navigate Airplanes, helicopters, and other types of Aircraft

•Air Traffic Controller - They manage the flow of Aircraft into and out of the Airport Airspace, guide Pilots during takeoff and landing, and monitor Aircraft as they travel through the skies for security purposes.

•Flight Attendant -  they ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers

•Line Service Personnel- Responsible for organizing movements in-and-out of the Hangar, fuels, and services of all the Aircraft

•Airport Manager – This person works to keep the Airport viable

•Accountant- Federal Aviation Rules and Internal Revenue Tax Rules often clash, account takes care of these matters

•Aircraft Dispatcher - Fuel, hotels, rental cars, passenger manifests, international clearances, handling, weather reports come under Aircraft dispatcher

•Aircraft Inspector- Inspector is for checking the structural integrity and serviceability of an Aircraft to ensure that it remains safe to operate

•Aviation Insurance Agent – Agent is essential because Aircraft are expensive. Also, the flight can be inherently dangerous and can require financial protection.

•Aviation Maintenance Technicians-They performs all of the servicing and repAir operations that are necessary on an Aircraft. 

• Flight and Ground Instructor - They teach Pilots in a Simulator on the ground, instead of up in the Air

•Aviation Department Manager – They are responsible for the proper functioning of the operations, supervising staffs, managing expenditures, and enforce the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules,

There are many more positions available in Airlines, and people from diverse backgrounds can apply for them. First, and foremost you must be clear about the work you are applying for. Before applying for any international Airline, one must be clear about the position one wishes to use. 

To apply for the Airlines, one must go through the eligibility criteria of the Airlines, which are available on their official websites and even on 3rd party websites. It is essential to check the requirements because all Airlines are not open to all nationalities. 

When you are eligible to apply, search for the openings available in the Airlines. After this, go to their official websites, browse the specific requirements for the particular Job role, and make sure you fit every criterion. The criteria may vary from region to region. For example: In Europe and the USA, a school pass out can apply, but besides education, the applicant must be certified by accredited training agencies approved by the aviation authorities. Whereas In Asia a fresher is eligible to apply for the Job. 

Now to apply for the desired Job, below are the steps that can be followed:

1.Today we can locate all kinds of Jobs on the internet. You can go to the Airline’s website and browse for the Job/Employment/career tab and then apply for the openings available

2.These Jobs are also available on general or 3rd party sites, so you can browse these sites as well.

3.Suppose you are not able to find the Job on their website or any other sites. In that case, you can directly contact Airlines either through call or directly mailing to the Airline’s human resource department to inquire about the openings. Sometimes some Jobs might not be posted yet. 

4.You can put your resumes on the Job-seeking sites attached with an attractive cover letter to help land Airline Jobs.

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