In what Ways you can help a Depressed Person to be Happy and Self Motivated

In what Ways you can help a Depressed Person to be Happy and Self Motivated

What Efforts you can do for them

Depression is something that has just recently got recognition and has been acknowledged as a disease. If someone gets diagnosed with depression, it is not necessary that all of them experience it in the same way and the symptoms might differ from person to person. Symptoms may be them being sad and tearful always, or they might appear more pessimistic about what the future holds. Their talks might be distant and they might talk about guilt and worthlessness. It can also be seen that they may get irritated or upset fast, have trouble sleeping, seem less energetic, less interested in their appearance, huge changes in their eating habits like excessive eating or loss of appetite. 

There is a limit to what medications can do, hence to make sure that they are Happy and self motivated, we need to do what all possible from a social perspective like:

#Listen: One important factor that can work wonders is the art of listening. Just listening to the person would give them the trust that they can open up and talk about their issues with these people Such an opening up would be the first step to helping them come out of depression and begin to feel Happy with their life. Simple listening alone is not the key, we must validate their feelings, ask questions to them, show a positive body language as well. 

#Find Support: Most people do not voluntarily go for therapy. In many parts of the world, people still think of therapy as a taboo topic. Thus, helping the depressed person reach the right support would create a lot of positive change in the situation. While arranging support, it is also necessary that you support them all the way through as well. 

#Motivation: It is just as important to motivate them to continue the therapy as it is for motivating them to initiate the sessions. Asking them about their sessions and how has it been working out, dropping them off to the sessions once in a while will all contribute to the motivation factor. 

#Care for Yourself: When you try to take care of someone affected with depression, it is possible that you yourself might lose it and catch the depression phase yourself. Thus, it is important that you are able to take time out to think about yourself and practice self care and take time out to regain your own energy.

#Patience: When dealing with someone facing depression, we need to be as patient as possible with them. Even successful treatment would take a lot of time to show effect. Thus, patience is key to deal with them and to make them feel comfortable and Confide in you. This Consistency would Boost Happiness and Confidence. 

Believe in Yourself. Your Limitation—It's only your Imagination.

Work Smart Not Hard. Push Yourself, Because no one else is going to do it for You.

Don't wait. Sometimes Later becomes Never. ...

Step Outside from Your Comfort Zone. ...

Be a Big Dreamer and a Big Doer. ...

Take Action . ...

Don't Give Up. ...

Set Big Goals.

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