Success or Happiness - What is Most Important

Success or Happiness - What is Most Important

Shruti Priya 

Happiness is  an Attribute of an Individual whereas Success can be Attributed to an Individual or to a Team or Group. Happiness is a Goal that many people Aspire to. Most people also have a strong Desire to be Successful in Life and they tend to believe that through this Success they will automatically become Happier.

Success and Happiness both are important for a person. Most of the time, success and Happiness are interrelated. People believe that these two are the same things with different spellings; they think being successful is being Happy. This doesn’t mean that the people who are not successful cannot be satisfied. Success is measured in comparison with others, whereas Happiness is “just being Happy.” A person’s Happiness cannot be measured; it is often subjective and cannot be quantitative.

In my opinion, Happiness is more important because it brings a sense of self-satisfaction, essential for living a healthy life. In contrast, success may bring joy, But it is nothing at the loss of Happiness itself. Even if you are successful but not Happy, then what is the use of this success. If success is more important, then the richest or most successful would have been the Happiest, there would be no glare on a billionaire’s face, and poor or less prosperous would have never known what being Happy means.

Happiness is always the final goal of a human being, whether successful or not; if one learns to find Happiness in the smallest of things and start enjoying life to the fullest, one can be Happy and successful. Finding Happiness first can boost your success. Though success is essential, can give power, name, and money that we all strive for, but it is not the most important achievement of one’s life.

As said by our ancestors, one cannot take riches with them to the gave, success too cannot be carried, but memories never fade away, so it’s our responsibility to make them the Happy ones. So, stay Happy; success will come to you. Start being content in every situation will easily clear the difficulties, and one day you will be successful.

Success is not the key to Happiness. But Happiness is the Key to sure Success. If you Love what you are doing, You will be Super Successful

Shruti Priya [MBA IIM-s]

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