Motivation and Leadership that helps a Professional to Achieve Objectives

Motivation and Leadership that helps a Professional to  Achieve  Objectives

Anshika Motwani

Motivation is about giving individuals the resources they need to accomplish their objectives, as well as ensuring that the individual's and the organisation's objectives are compatible to some .

As a leader, you should have an open mind about human nature. It would be much easier to make decisions if you are aware of the various interests of your subordinates.

Leadership and motivating qualities are required by both employees and managers. A successful leader must have a clear understanding of what motivates people.

Three Important Steps in Motivation:

1.Determine what the team members want. They must want something - new skills, a promotion, work fulfilment, and so forth - and they must want it badly enough to take action. An individual who has no objectives can not be motivated 

2.Determine how this need can be met. There has to be a way for the people you're accountable for to get what they want. It's pointless if there's no way to get it. An important step in motivating individuals is to show them the path towards achieving what they want.

3.Decide on an appropriate award. People must be aware that their actions will be rewarded if they are successful. Many people have objectives and see opportunities to achieve them, but they do not feel that their efforts will be compensated. People are not exactly the same in terms of what they desire and need, but you must understand and recognize their different nuances while considering how to inspire your team members.

Anshika Motwani 

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