What can I do now? The secret to welcome problems positively by Neha Mittal

What can I do now?

The secret to welcome problems positively


Neha Mittal

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There are many unplanned instances in life we often talk to ourselves, feel challenged, helpless, and may slip into a Panic state questioning “What should I do now?” as we don’t see any chances to escape. Its called a do or die situation.

Not finding any answer we start blaming the time, different people living around us, connected with us, like whose face did I saw early morning when I woke up that this thing went wrong, etc.

In the same manner, we are dependent on good things also with good signs, like seeing someone you admire, sunshine after long when you have to go for something good or special.

The only thing we are able to maintain during these tough times or happy times is how we are groomed or how we control ourselves.

This is gradually building a habit - learning to prioritize and boosting the Stress of instant unplanned arrivals of problems. 

Roadmap to start journey against any problem-

  • Always analyze the Problem

- decompose the issue

- plan various possible solutions-Start structuring solutions

- chose the best solution- try implementing it,( have Plan B in hand)

- keep the reaction to the last to fully concentrate on solving the issue rather than turning blue in Panic, red in anger, or blaming someone/something, this would take our energy and impact our performance.

Misfortune brings wisdom many times.

 Do it now as sometimes later becomes never

Give rest to the problems weighing you down lighten up forgive yourself, forgive others, stop stressing stop worrying.

When you blame and criticize others you are avoiding some truth about yourself- You have fears. Always think-

If not you then who,

if not now then when?

Think about things differently- do and fight back. Just do it whatever it takes. Imagine you have got only two choices to do it now or never. Let every try be your fearless best attempt Remember that failure is not permanent.

As Tony Robbins said-No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.

Hakuna Matata

It's worth it- if you feel it.

H@ppy Reforming

Be the change to see the change for personal development

Neha Mittal

Front Line Warrior

MCA, Banasthali Vidyapith, Tonk

BCA, GEIT , Dehradun


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